3 Myths About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become an integral part of doing business in today’s marketplace. It can provide the efficiency you need to enhance productivity, improve our products and services, and reduce your overhead costs.

It’s been estimated that almost 90 percent of businesses are using some form of cloud computing solution, and spending on this technology has reached more than $44 billion.

But many businesses are falling prey to common myths about cloud computing. This has resulted in some confusion and has kept many from taking advantage of the benefits it can provide.

The following are 3 common myths about cloud computing.

Myth #1: Cloud Computing Isn’t Secure

Security breaches seem to occur at a more frequent rate these days. Many blame cloud computing and the use of off-site servers. But the majority of these security breaches aren’t a result of cloud computing.

In fact, it’s been shown that cloud computing presents no new risks that would otherwise be avoided using traditional data management systems.

Also, the use of cloud computing can give you a single platform with which to conduct regular audits to further enhance your data security.

Cloud service providers routinely implement security measures that include the use of firewalls, ongoing monitoring, and protection against viruses and malware.

Myth #2: Cloud Computing Takes Away Your Control Over Your Data

Controlling your data is key to its storage, management, access, and distribution. But many people falsely believe that cloud computing takes away that control from businesses.

Using cloud computing services gives you greater control along with the resources that come from having the infrastructure that lets you create backup, redundancy, and recovery systems.

Many data security issues occur when internal team members make errors when using on-site data storage systems.

So using a cloud-based system can prevent these and other risks while enhancing the control you have over your daily operations.

Myth #3: Cloud Computing Is less expensive than on-premise infrastructure

This myth stems from very specific use cases or applications for cloud computing compared to on-premise based infrastructure solutions over time. Whilst cloud solutions can be more cost effective over on-premise solutions for a given use case, one size does not fit all. In fact cloud application for workloads is different for all businesses whether small to mid-sized or enterprise.

On premise cloud ready platform solutions like Nutanix, are for instance, costing clients less to stay on-premise than the cost migrating and managing all workloads to the cloud while still allowing for cloud integration where it makes sense for the business. This hybrid cloud model approach is where organizations are gravitating towards to realize the cost benefit of both cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

Knowing the truth about cloud computing lets you take advantage of the features and benefits that it provides. It helps you achieve better results and remain competitive while minimizing the costs related to your business.

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