4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

At Zycom, we believe in empowering businesses with the technical innovations required to succeed in the modern world. By overhauling IT with our hyper-converged infrastructure for optimal efficiency and process improvements, the potential for growth improves. However, without an effective IT disaster recovery plan in place, you may encounter an array of setbacks – some of which can be costly. 

Today, let’s explore these risks in more detail.

Cost Control and Risk Management

Migrating data offsite or to the cloud reduces the risk of losing critical information if your primary network is compromised. The same benefit applies when faced with natural disasters, internal thefts, and onsite equipment outages. Accurately detecting, isolating, neutralizing, and recovering from risks to your operations at a network, hardware and software level is essential, and you need to act quickly to minimize the damage. That’s why Zycom is proud to enable effective standby solutions, helping you mitigate risks while shortening failover periods. This can translate to reducing profit losses during downtime by maintaining operations – in other words, disaster recovery solutions like ours can act as a “carbon copy” of your business. This can be done away from your base of operations in the event of that area being compromised, such as during a natural disaster or targeted break-in.

Scalable, Proactive Processes and Planning

With a personalized, future-proofed disaster recovery plan in place, a business can navigate difficult, unforeseen situations that would otherwise impede the restoration of day-to-day operations. Automated processes and data backups can help with this, but only if efficiently managed by an IT service provider with experience. Otherwise, getting back on your feet may take longer and present more hurdles. At the same time, with an efficient and well-managed solution in place to streamline failover, your business can more readily adapt to growth-associated needs, such as taking on new hires. 

More Productive, More Prepared

A great example of IT disaster recovery services protecting businesses? COVID-19. When many companies were forced to shut their doors and go remote, their failover processes kicked in and they were able to continue operating with significantly less downtime. In addition, remote employees had fewer challenges to face when it came to virtual licenses and accessing company data from home in a secure manner. Therefore, should you find yourself in such a situation as this and your disaster recovery plan can accommodate for remote deployment, it’s both a win for compliance needs and for your bottom line. The key is to remain resilient, nimble, and not put all your eggs in one basket. 

Paying Attention to Retention

If your business goes down during a crisis, whether it be a cyber attack or otherwise, who is going to be there for your customers? Prospects don’t – and shouldn’t – have to wait for a company to get back on its feet, and the longer your failover takes, the more you risk losing to competitors who are operating normally. We at Zycom believe that any disaster recovery service provider should prioritize minimizing downtime to maximize retention even in trying times, and our customers share the same sentiment. By consolidating IT through a unified, secure and streamlined backup and monitoring solution, your business may not incur as serious of a loss of engagement. This also applies to ensuring critical data isn’t lost that would normally be used to better serve them, which could otherwise hurt your brand.

The key to disaster recovery is right in the name: building your business back up after encountering a threat to operational efficiency. To achieve this, invest in hyper-converged infrastructure planning and management that goes the extra mile, shortening failover periods while protecting data critical to the business continuity stage afterwards. Think of it as insurance for your IT strategy – you’ll be glad to have it should the worst happen. 

During these trying times, it’s better to plan ahead. To get started, contact us at Zycom today.

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