5 Predicted Tech Trends of 2020

5 Predicted Tech Trends of 2020

2020 is well and truly here, and with it comes a whole lot of innovation and excitement as technology continues to evolve. With the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) having just wrapped up, the team at Zycom is excited to spotlight several predicted upcoming tech trends. Some have carried over from 2019, while others appear set to break new ground.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and take a closer look.

The 5G Revolution

Over the past couple of years, there’s been plenty of chatter about the onset of the new standard in consumer devices. Now, 2020 seems to be the year when everything really kicks off, especially with handset makers such as Samsung and perhaps even Apple poised to introduce 5G-compatible smartphones, thereby embracing the new standard. With network speeds between ten to a hundred times faster than 4G and improved low-latency performance, it’s easy to see why the tech sphere is excited to see 5G take off at last. From remote commuting to conferencing, cloud-based wholesale VoIP and autonomy all poised to benefit from upgraded networking, we’re certain that many businesses will see improved communications and performance efficiency once they upgrade.

Our favourite perk of 5G is the potential to connect a massive number of devices, far more compared to what’s possible with current networking capabilities.


Internet of Things (IoT) integration will continue to build momentum into 2020 and beyond, has become a primary focus of many businesses seeking to optimize supply chains, IT, and other aspects of their operations over the past few years. Thanks largely to improved cloud connectivity and satellite performance, it’s easier than ever to transfer data, implement SaaS and more. Plus, bolstered security frameworks to match the increased adoption of IoT will continue to protect against thefts and hacks.

Digital Security

Many businesses hold proper security close to the hearts of their operations, seeking the most proactive protection possible from various threats. However, security adoption has been struggling to transform in a way that’s conducive to a workforce overconnected at the edge. Today’s demands need to be adequately met as the digital workplace continues to become the new norm in 2020 and beyond. The increased deployment of IoT devices, as well as the onset of the 5G revolution, means that compute and analytics tasks are situated close to where data is being created, representing less of a need for a centralized source. As these other trends continue to become more widely adopted, so too should edge-based data encryption, failover management, and optimized access control. As a result, not only will data be accessed and processed correctly but also more securely. 

Data Analytics

The continued enhancement of data analytics will pick up the pace as software becomes increasingly optimized and user-friendly. Simple-yet-intuitive platforms are the way forward, enabling companies to better track spend, allocate resources, and monitor day-to-day operations performance. As businesses continue to optimize processes and complete tasks more efficiently thanks to valuable data insights, their potential for growth may very well increase.

Smart Tech and AI

AI has been one of the most dominating trends of the past several years, and there are no indications of it phasing out. From wireless mesh networking to smart lighting and sensors aimed at reducing energy costs, the very environments we work in are set to become even more tightly intertwined with technology. Along with that comes the increased reliance of companies on machine learning for data analysis purposes, enabling them to better understand their customers and create more personalized solutions for them.

The Zycom team is excited to see where cloud-based managed services, virtualization, IoT and many other tech trends lead throughout 2020 and beyond. This new decade looks to be one full of surprises, continued innovation and plenty of great opportunities for businesses who modernize. Contact us to learn more about our provided services, many of which involve technologies we’ve highlighted today.

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