6 Things to Look Out for in a Security Audit

6 Things to Look Out for in a Security Audit

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. As hardware and software solutions are continuously tweaked and innovated upon, it’s only natural that the list of risk elements to consult during a security audit will grow. What’s more, today, with IoT integration, previously “dumb” systems such as doors and fixed camera systems, now smarter than ever, there’s an added new layer of complications – and potential threats.

With that said, here are just some of the risks to look out for in a security audit, whether you perform it yourself or have an outsourced team handle it.

Permissions-Associated Risks

Cloud integration and network upgrades are all well and good, but have you updated your permissions management system and processes in accordance with these innovations? Having control over who can access what, and from where, is critical in today’s increasingly digitized operations, regardless of your business application. Whether you want to hold secure videoconferencing calls amidst this pandemic or need to limit access to sensitive files for a new hire under probation, not managing permissions in a proactive, efficient manner is a huge gamble to take.

Info Leaks and Insufficient Training in Best Practices

Need to maintain compliance with strict regulations regarding the handling of files, internal communications or otherwise? A thorough security audit can help you determine whether you and your employees are meeting requirements. One of the most common threats to corporate security is information leakage, and the primary cause of this is inadequate training and failsafe systems. In a world where competitors are a dime a dozen, staying on top of training by keeping all employees on the same page can standardize the way internal data handling processes are carried out.

Access Abuse and Hints of Internal Espionage

A security audit can also help you uncover threats of espionage, internal saboteurs and other serious problems. By keeping tabs on what employees are accessing internally, how frequently, and who they’re sharing information with, it’s easier to identify when data is being transmitted to unknown IP addresses, which can be checked to determine the rough location of the recipient’s system. If you have established processes that employees follow for communicating with one another, requesting information or otherwise already in place, they can help the auditor identify red flags even more quickly and accurately.

Physical Security Threats

Is that smart key fob scanner acting up? Or, what if one of your security camera systems has a connection issue that impacts performance? Security auditing your environment should include focusing on physical access points, all smart systems and interactive components to ensure there are no weak zones prone to breaches. This is critical to keeping your employees, property and sensitive data safe and should never be overlooked.

Candidate Screening Efficiency

Speaking of your employees, how’s your vetting process?  Are you setting appropriate conditions for applicants to ensure they have sufficient certification? Police record checks are also important. Knowing just who you’re trusting with access to internal data and communications is critical to maintaining a secure, safe and uncompromised business operation, so make sure that any audits performed go over candidate screening processes with a fine-toothed comb.


Lastly, if something is flagged as a security threat, is it being addressed effectively? Waiting even a few days after the audit can pose a serious threat in some cases, especially when it comes to data handling and physical issues such as faulty smart locks. Another aspect of follow-ups is to ensure your security protocols at least meet established local regulations, helping your business stay proactive and vigilant.

There are many more risk elements to consider during a security audit, but these are some particular standouts that should never be overlooked. By focusing on the right areas and rectifying issues quickly and appropriately, your business will benefit from peace of mind and more fortified operations. For expert assistance, contact us at Zycom today to learn about our cyber vulnerability and IT assessments.

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