Amazon Vs Microsoft: Who Will Come Out On Top For Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has seen significant growth in its ability to meet the needs of businesses and private users. Businesses are moving applications and data to cloud-based services while improving efficiency and reducing overhead costs.

As a result, cloud computing has become a competitive arena – and businesses like Microsoft are finding ways to compete with leading infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers like Amazon.

But who will come out on top for cloud computing between Microsoft and Amazon?

Is Microsoft Gaining a Lead on Amazon?

Amazon has led the cloud computing market by providing businesses with its Amazon Web Services. But industry leaders such as Pacific Crest Securities have speculated that Microsoft could increase its revenue enough to surpass Amazon in 2017.

Analysts are recognizing new opportunities for growth in the cloud computing marketplace. Predicted spending in this industry is expected to reach up to $239 billion within a five-year period.

Microsoft has developed an increasingly larger cloud network to rival that of Amazon. But the two companies’ cloud-computing services share similarities as well as differences that are important to consider.

Choosing the Cloud Service That’s Right for You

The needs and goals of your business will determine which cloud computing service will provide the greatest benefits over time.

There are some businesses that utilize both Amazon and Microsoft services within their operations. But for others, having one centralized provider can make their workflow more efficient while reducing the costs related to their businesses.

Microsoft and Amazon deliver networking, computing, and storage capabilities that share common characteristics. These include features related to security, compliance, and scaling.

The pricing of Microsoft and Amazon cloud computing services are also similar. Although the cost of these services has decreased over time, Microsoft has continued to remain competitive with the price drops seen in Amazon’s services.

The Future of Microsoft in Cloud Computing

Although the majority of Microsoft’s revenue comes from their sale of software products, the company is expected to achieve a new level of growth in the cloud computing arena.

These expectations for the future of Microsoft are a result of its recent performance. The company’s Intelligent Cloud segment has seen its revenue reach almost $7 billion, which represents an 11 percent increase from the previous year.

More users are beginning to have greater trust in Microsoft’s cloud services. Customers range from small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to larger global companies.

Although Amazon’s revenue growth has decreased in recent quarters, the company is still expected to retain its position as a leading cloud computing service provider. But Microsoft can still nudge its way into the top spot and perhaps surpass Amazon over time.

Cloud computing has transformed the ways in which businesses manage, process, store, and distribute their data.

The growing cloud-computing market has been led by Amazon for quite some time. But Microsoft and other companies may soon be giving this powerhouse a run for its money while helping to shape the future of the cloud computing industry.

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