An IT Health Check Can Keep the Blue or Purple Screen of Death Away

As technology advances, it’s imperative that your digital infrastructure and business operations follow in suit.  Implementing Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is a realistic option for all organizations interested in improving their IT datacenter while also digitalizing and preparing their business for future technology.

Preparing to Migrate

If you are considering moving to HCI, baselining your current infrastructure against best practices to maximize success for migration to your new environment is key.  Understanding what components of your current software and driver stacks will move with your business workloads to HCI are important.  Are there opportunities to right size or optimize existing applications, databases and operating environments to leverage HCI best practices?

You have HCI but are you supportable?

Whilst, HCI offers a simplified enterprise cloud infrastructure that collapses data center computing, storage, management and networking, simplicity can lead to complexity.  HCI solutions, such as Nutanix, automate much of the previously complex data center management tasks into 1-click operations.  For automation to flourish there are dependencies between your commoditized hardware and drivers and hypervisor and software that must be taken into account.  In a landscape of automation, the finer details of compatibility and supportability can be easily overlooked.

If you are like most of our customers, you are running and supporting your business and the law of Murphy did not allow you to keep up on everything HCI once installed.  Your HCI just works, but time has passed since you last updated your HCI firmware, software or hypervisor.  Are you still in a vendor supported operational state?  Are there new features that will enhance your HCI solution?  Are you multiple versions behind and need to catch up?


Enter the HCI Health Check to get you baselined and back on track with a plan.

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How a Healthy HCI Can Improve Infrastructure

Before upgrading your data center with HCI software, it’s crucial to execute a health check to make sure everything is aligned properly for success.  What features will enhance your virtual workloads and is there any impact during the process?  Known issues may pop up from time to time that you may or may not have experienced, but it’s always better to be cautious.

Getting current with compatible versions will give you peace of mind before launching automated upgrades, knowing that your business’ most valuable data is capable and safe.

Zycom HCI Health Check Services

Zycom offers HCI health checks that can help your organization prepare your HCI solution stack for upgrades. The service identifies any gaps and areas that need improvements and provides you with recommendations to ensure optimal performance.

Here are some things you’ll want to determine in the meantime before making any changes:

  • Which version of VDI broker is supported with your version of hypervisor?
  • Is your hypervisor supported by an HCI solution?
  • If so, which version of HCI solution is compatible with your hypervisor?
  • Which hardware firmware is supported for your type of HCI solution?
  • Which network drivers are supported for your HCI solution?

Zycom will perform a baseline review and health check service of the major components of the hyper-converged solution based on the industry’s best practices. This ensures your software is ready to upgrade to HCI in order to maximize performance and increase agility in your business.

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What is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure?

In order to understand the benefits of a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), you must first understand how it compares to traditional alternatives. In a standard data center, traffic is directed to a collection of servers that accommodate virtual machines. These servers need to access the storage area network through the storage controller before retaining or storing data.

An HCI offers a more manageable infrastructure as it brings together separate elements into a unified whole – the hypervisor, server, and storage are combined into one single node. This removes the storage area network completely, and the infrastructure is controlled centrally by one piece of software.

In conclusion, traditional data centers are a series of servers spread out, and an HCI is a software-defined storage that brings everything together in one node. They deliver and simplify storage, computing, networking, management, virtualization, and data protection into one unified storage, offering processes and tools for an efficient and more manageable IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Upgrading to an HCI Infrastructure

When you upgrade to an HCI enterprise cloud solution, you receive more out of your business operations for less. The increased simplicity and reliability that comes with an HCI infrastructure, combined with the minimal recurring costs, hyper-converged systems provide a pivotal point for all types of businesses that come with additional benefits:

Increased Simplicity for Superior Business Operations

Utilizing an HCI data center can enhance dexterity throughout your business operations. An HCI infrastructure makes it easier to manage your data center as it provides you with a stack of software in one node. The storage nodes act as one redundant collection of storage and should one go down, the rest will be unaffected. This creates a highly-reliable data center that offers immense simplicity, and with increased simplicity comes better automation and interconnection compatibility and dependency.

Easier Collaborations and Migration of Data

With an HCI infrastructure, all of your workloads fall under the same managerial umbrella. This simplifies the process of transporting data to different locations, essential for digitalized businesses who rely on collaborations and teamwork.

Increased Reliability and Data Protection

HCI data centers also streamline the process of adding and removing nodes to correspond with your resource demands. Since HCIs are node-based infrastructures, this makes it easy to scale up your data center.

Additionally, hyper-converged systems simplify the process of restoring data, offering you enhance data protection throughout your business.

Economic Solution for any IT Department

There is less equipment to purchase, support and maintain with an HCI data center, making it an affordable solution for any IT department. The recurring costs are minimal, yet the benefits are greater than the standard data center.

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