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Best Cloud Migration Assessment Tools of 2020

Managing a cloud migration can feel like a significant challenge, but it all depends on what tools you have available at your disposal. The good news is, along with our hyperconverged infrastructure and migration services, there are many such tools that are more than up to the task, making the cloud migration assessment process that much easier. Today, let’s explore the best of these services out there.

BMC Helix Discovery

Need to paint a far-reaching, crystal-clear view of your data centre’s assets and their subsequent performance parameters? For greater visibility, BMC’s Discovery software is an excellent choice, largely thanks to its highly optimized design that minimizes bloat and maximizes application mapping performance. Arming your IT team with BMC Discovery allows for quick, accurate and useful analysis of network configurations, hardware and software compatibility, storage and sharing permissions, and more. 

Amazon Web Services CART

First-time cloud adopters may feel overwhelmed by options and possibilities, but AWS’ Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool – CART for short – is useful at helping companies formulate an effective migration strategy. The tool focuses on six critical perspectives: business, people, process, platform, operations, and security. By filling out a dedicated CART survey, organizations then receive a cloud migration assessment document, which makes informed recommendations on feasibility and appropriate next steps based on the data analyzed. In addition, CART reports come complete with a report card-like scoring system along with heatmaps and radar charts. This data is made available for you to consult and identify any areas ripe for improvement prior to migration. 


Prefer to implement and offer multiple cloud-based services at the same time, and as quickly as reasonably possible? If speed is your primary focus when it comes to cloud migration, CloudAtlas may be worth a look. Their various available tools are designed to help users expedite the process and include cost calculators, automated migration assistants, readiness and infrastructure assessments, and plenty more. CloudAtlas is also known to be highly secure, and they offer dedicated compliance monitoring to ensure you meet established operating requirements.

Microsoft Azure Migrate

Prefer Azure cloud platform architecture and want to implement a futureproofed virtual machine solution? Microsoft’s dedicated migration assessment tool can provide deep, valuable insights prior to virtual machine implementation. It’s a great way to ascertain whether the operational benefits and costs of migrating are worthwhile to you and your team, both in terms of targeted efficiency and budget. If you’re unsure whether your onsite equipment is ideally suited for virtualization, Azure Migrate eliminates a lot of the guesswork.

Tidal Migrations

Alternatively, if you’re in the market for something simple in execution but effective in terms of feature sets, Tidal Migrations is worth your time. A platform designed for optimal collaboration and consultation, it incorporates a blend of dedicated dashboards, assessment reporting and more to help you get the job done with ease – and peace of mind. A particularly interesting feature is Tidal Migrations’ rehosting capability with Microsoft Azure which, combined with data-driven and actionable insights, can make for a much smoother and more transparent migration experience.  

Cloud migrations are intended to make life easier, more cost-effective and streamlined for employers and employees alike, all while elevating the customer service experience. To make this happen, you need to know whether you’re headed in the right direction. If critical processes need refining or equipment updated prior to implementation, the best migration assessment tools are capable of spotting red flags and making smarter recommendations. To understand your IT infrastructure’s preparedness as a whole, a firm grasp of the finer details is crucial. Try these top recommended cloud migration assessment tools today to better inform your decision and planning!

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