Your Guide to Container Management Software

Posted by admin on  October 1, 2019

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When it comes to creating, deploying, and scaling software containers, efficient management is a must. By isolating processes based around the same OS into a single deployable unit, you can experience improved operational efficiency, lower costs for platform migrations, and much more. Today, let’s explore what goes into CMS integration and why Zycom has been able to help more businesses across Canada become truly cloud-ready. Understanding How Containerization Works Containers are created by bundles that
What is Autonomous Response and What Does it Mean for My Business
The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019, taking place in London this September, is set to host several future-facing representatives of the latest digital security innovations. Among them is Darktrace, one of the most trusted cyber AI companies in the world and the creator of Antigena, the world’s first autonomous response (AR) technology. It responds to threats in seconds and designed to behave very much like the human immune system, this technology fends off
4 Cost Control Strategies Conducive to Efficient Spending

4 Cost Control Strategies Conducive to Efficient Spending

Posted by admin on  September 13, 2019

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An increasing number of businesses are making the jump to cloud-based networking solutions, but what many of them don’t anticipate is the “sticker shock” sensation accompanying some costs. At least, that’s what will happen if you haven’t optimized your processes to address spending. With this technology having increased in popularity over the past few years, even multi-cloud deployments are becoming quite common. With new innovations comes a need to understand how they work in order

Hybrid Cloud Security

Posted by admin on  August 13, 2019

Security is of utmost importance for businesses. It’s crucial that you have proper technologies and practices put in place to protect your business from many things that can be detrimental to your productivity and success, such as downtime, cyber threats, and loss of data. This is particularly important when using a Hybrid Cloud as it uses a combination of on-premises, private and third-party cloud services. While there are many advantages to using a Hybrid Cloud,
The consumerization of IT started with the rapid adoption of the smart Tablet by companies like Apple with the iPad.  The corporate workforce wanted their IT to work with the ease of use they experienced with the iPad and one-click or one- touch applications.  Applications on demand from the free iTunes platform started a revolution of transforming how users interact, and rising expectations pressured IT to keep up.  That transformation has led to Shadow IT,

DELL EMC World 2019 Highlights of Announcements

Posted by admin on  July 15, 2019

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Dell recently hosted one of their biggest events yet, Dell Technologies World, which highlighted several of their latest products, services and new enhancements that companies such as yours can begin to harness. The event was a four-day endeavour that allowed the more than 14,000 attendees to learn more about Dell Technologies’ and what they can do for their business and success. The even started with one of the most important changes, the collaboration of Microsoft,
Nutanix Next Conference provides hands-on learning with experts and a look at the latest Nutanix products. The conference discusses everything from datacentre modernization to multi-cloud and automation; applications and workloads, emerging technologies and more, providing attendees the upper hand on revolutionary business practices and technologies. For those of you who are unable to attend one of the many Nutanix Next Conferences being held over the course of this year, we’ve put together this article of
By choosing to outsource your IT management, you’re able to free up space for your in-house managers to dedicate their time on tasks that will grow your enterprise. Nearly all businesses are now opting to hire management services to further their company. Though, in order to harness the benefits of outsourcing, it’s imperative to find an IT managed service that aligns with your business standards, mission, and quality. What are managed services? Managed services is
When determining a budget for your company’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans, you must consider the impacts of infrastructure downtime. Understanding the costs associated with productivity loss, customer satisfaction concerns, employee morale, potential revenue loss and the possibility of losing clients will allow you to set a budget that protects your business. Determining the Cost of Downtime The most accurate way to determine the cost of downtime is to determine how many hours your
Cloud Solutions

Are You Ready for Cloud?

Posted by admin on  May 3, 2019

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Adapting to the digital age is imperative to the success of any business. “The cloud”, as the tech industry as named it, refers to software and services that run on the internet as opposed to locally on a computer. It’s advanced technology that improves IT maintenance, performance, scalability, and efficiency, while also reducing IT costs. However, switching your business over to the cloud isn’t as simple as signing into your web browser. First, there are

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