Chief Cloud Officer (CCO): CCO versus CIO in Business

Gaining competitive advantage within the business industry requires embracing digital transformation. However, digital transformation comes with many new applications of technology that require dedicated maintenance and attention that not all employees...

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Transformation of Cyber Security

With the rise of digital transformations comes an increased concern about internet security. Symantec reported that approximately 978 million people in 20 different countries were affected by cybercrime in 2017, resulting in a colossal $114 billion...

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Intel Xeon Server Chipset Futures – What’s Next?

Technology is getting yet another upgrade and it’s all happening in the Intel Xeon Server chipset. With the new, scalable processors you’ll be able to “drive actionable insight, count on hardware-based security and deploy dynamic service delivery”,...

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NVMe vs SSD > Storage State of Union

Just when you think computers couldn’t get any faster, the industry releases a new form of technology that is better in all possible aspects. The most recent change occurred within the computer storage sector, offering industry-leading speed for a...

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What’s New in Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud recently released their latest innovations, offering new features and new ways to create and collaborate. The new features are included in your membership, and if you have yet to explore the new features provided, here is a quick...

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Microsoft SQL on Linux & Docker Containers

Microsoft recently made significant changes to their relational database management system to provide a wider variety of support for business intelligence, analytics applications and transactional processing for those within corporate IT industries....

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Transformational IT Trends for 2018

The business landscape has seen a significant change as of late, as more businesses opt for a digital transformation. However, this technical shift goes beyond simply implementing shiny new tech devices. Instead, it’s about updated development processes,...

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