Clearing the Air on Cloud Unclouding

Clearing the Air on Cloud Unclouding

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months regarding cloud migrations, and plenty of reasons to consider it have cropped up. However, unclouding is proving to be a popular choice for many businesses. Cost control, data security, and compliance-related needs are just some of the reasons why this happens. Since cloud solutions are not band-aid solutions and every business operates differently, there are pros and cons to clouding and unclouding, as we’ve recently covered

Today, let’s dig in and focus on the facts, made possible by findings from eDiscovery reports and other respected sources, to understand better why some businesses prefer to uncloud. 

The Biggest Concerns? Security and Cost

A recent article published on Dark Reading has helped bring this trend into full focus. Simply put, not every business is suited to a cloud-centric operations environment. There’s a collective lack of trust in such solutions; 24 percent of those who migrate end up unclouding due to security concerns, namely that the same level of protection as an onsite alternative isn’t a guarantee. Even more ironic is the fact that, of those who migrated to improve their data security, 27 percent of them are open to reversing the process as their concerns weren’t adequately addressed. The article further clarifies that up to 48 percent of migrators are open to returning to on-premises data management and security solutions. Obviously, this can lead to a ramp-up in terms of operating costs, risk management, training, and otherwise, but this also depends on the business setup itself. Other problems can include high costs from storing too much data or insufficient budgets to justify cloud integration.

The ABCs of ESI

In an attempt to quell security concerns, eDiscovery software solutions have emerged as a popular choice for many businesses. Electronically stored information (ESI) is commonplace in every business application, and there’s no escaping the convenience and usefulness of digital tools. What eDiscovery does is help companies manage permissions, application usage, storage and server security, networks, and other critical components of modern operations. In short, it ensures you maintain the fullest possible control over all data and connected elements that utilize it. 

eDiscovery doesn’t demand a cloud-based implementation, however, there are on-premise variants of the process that work just as well for optimizing security. In fact, the Aberdeen Group has published compelling findings on the subject in their report, Key Strategies to Improve the Performance of eDiscovery Teams, which reveals that half of organizations are more likely to stick with an on-premise eDiscovery solution than one that is cloud-based. This is expected to continue, especially during such uncertain times, but we should also be aware that cloud alternatives are gradually becoming more widely accepted. This all depends on the level of encryption, availability of onsite security experts, and access to appropriate data centralization technologies – again, adoption will differ from business to business.

So, Should You Uncloud or Not?

Only you can tell what’s best for your specific operations. Depending on how your data management and network security is set up, a cloud migration might be a no-brainer while helping you drive costs down. On the other hand, perhaps your company doesn’t have the time, resources or gambling ability to invest in new solutions while maintaining specific compliances, complicated further by the potentiality of being locked to specific vendors or giving up control. 

The best solution is to inform your decision on whether to cloud or uncloud by working with a trusted, dependable auditor and service provider. Zycom is happy to help paint a clearer picture for you with our managed services, including comprehensive network stability and security audits. This is available along with our proactive cloud-based solutions, such as cloud adoption and governance assessments, private cloud IaaS and DRaaS, cyber vulnerability management services, and plenty more. 

If you’re unsure whether it makes the most sense to migrate or uncloud, our team is here to help you make the best possible decision from a security and cost-saving standpoint. Contact us today for further details. 

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