Cloud IoT Core: What You Need To Know About Google’s Latest Offering

Google’s latest offering, Cloud IoT Core, is creating a buzz in the industry. What is this service? Do you need it? How will your business benefit? Below, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Cloud IoT Core.

What is Cloud IoT Core?

Google has designed a platform where intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) services are fully integrated and managed securely. Cloud IoT Core lets you access IoT data from all your devices (no matter where they are globally) and process, visualize and analyze it in real time. You can take actions and implement changes to your operations as necessary and improve your devices’ operational efficiency in the process.

What are the benefits?

Cloud IoT Core provides users with numerous benefits such as end-to-end security that uses asymmetric key authentication over TLS 1:2. Furthermore, Cloud IoT’s integrated services move data seamlessly across various cloud services and you can store said data in other Google offerings like Cloud Storage, Cloud Panner and Cloud Bigtable.

Besides the aforementioned, with Cloud IoT Core you can:

  • Eliminate the need for the costly infrastructure currently used to maintain IoT data analysis
  • Connect easily to the cloud and use the protocol bridge to automatically load balancing and horizontal scaling
  • Easily manage all globally connected IoT devices
  • Enjoy secure device connections while lowering your overall cost of ownership
  • Carry out firmware updates as needed
  • Get out-of-box support for devices from Intel and Microchip
  • Get seamless integration for numerous embedded operating systems and Android Things
  • Make changes to your devices with the Cloud Functions workflows based on real time events
  • Unlock business insights from your globally distributed devices

What industries will get the most out of Cloud IoT Core?

Any industry that relies on the Internet of Things can use Cloud IoT Core to their advantage. For instance, the manufacturing industry can monitor globally dispersed devices as a single entity instead of auditing each on its own. They can also reduce repair costs since they will be capturing data in real time. Another great example of an industry that will enhance how they operate as a whole is the utilities industry. By using Cloud IoT Core, the utilities industry can collect consumer usage patterns based on parametres that they set up like time, date and location. Based on these findings they can schedule firmware and equipment upgrades so that they do not impact operations. Finally, the oil and gas industry will see how components interact in real time allowing them to design more efficient systems and machinery that lasts longer.

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