Cloud Ready Platform Solutions

Not all use cases are meant for cloud but when they are Zycom gets you ready for your custom journey to the cloud.  The digital transformation of your business is occurring in IT infrastructure, your Workforce and Cyber Security.  You don’t access or secure cloud-native applications as you did with client-server applications of the past.  Productivity suites are rapidly migrating to Software as a Service models.  Where will your predictable business-critical workloads reside?

We offer Cloud Ready platforms & services to synergize with your specific business use cases like on premise private cloud, backup and recovery, offsite compliance, disaster recovery, development and beyond.  Whether you are just starting out evaluating cloud or you are integrating your IT with cloud in the modern digitized era we have the expertise to guide you.

Zycom Technology Cloud Services

Are you ready for the cloud?


Public Cloud IaaS

From S3 Storage to spot instance VMs and other Public Cloud workloads we have the solution you need.

Private Cloud IaaS

Zycom’s IaaS provides customers with the computer and storage resources they need to power their IT infrastructure specific use cases.


Transform your data centre with optimized Hyper-converged infrastructure customized to your business requirements.


Cyber Vulnerability

Continuous cyber vulnerability scanning of your network assets with our managed cloud platform.


This service is inclusive of all required software to back up your critical data to our T3 cloud.


Zycom’s cloud based DR as a Service bundled for you as a monthly low cost Disaster Recovery solution.


Cloud Adoption &

From cloud readiness assessments and cloud governance to private and hybrid cloud designs, we prepare you for your journey to the cloud.


We can help you transform your legacy 2nd Platform computing platforms into the modern computing era and enable you to save operational expense and start your journey to your cloud.

Cloud & Virtualization

From the advent of the hypervisor, we have been working with companies to transform their physical server environments into efficient virtual server workloads.

Corporate Cloud Backup Services

At Zycom, we believe your business’ security and data protection is an undeniable right, not a privilege. While not all use cases are ideal for cloud-based solutions, when it comes to corporate-grade backups, there is no denying the importance of absolute data security. Companies who invest in future-facing, highly resilient cloud backup solutions enjoy a wealth of other benefits as well as including optimized productivity and streamlined data access.

At Zycom, we offer corporate cloud backup services that are built around three key principles: Security, user-friendliness, and process optimization. Never has uploading, encrypting, and internally sharing critical data been easier or more effective.


We take the term “for your eyes only” seriously, just as you do as a business with assets, customers, and employees to safeguard. Some information demands active network monitoring and encryption in the cloud. We perform continuous cyber vulnerability scanning of network assets via our innovative managed T3 cloud platform. Zycom’s managed backup and disaster recovery services ensure you can easily bounce back from unforeseen circumstances, and on-premise private cloud IaaS operations ensure plenty of storage and computer resources to power use cases relevant to your IT infrastructure. In short, we’re here to cover every angle, ensuring you don’t have to.


Get access to invaluable files and other data remotely, securely, and quickly. No nonsense. With HClaaS integration in the form of a hyper-converged infrastructure, you can customize the way your access to our platform is optimized in order to meet established requirements. Zycom can even transform legacy platforms and bring them into the modern computing era, helping you save further on costs while streamlining your cloud-based journey. This is also made possible by shifting away from physical server environments to highly efficient virtual server workloads – the Zycom way means no need to take up space, extra funds or your valuable time. The same goes for your team leads and employees with appropriate permissions who need to access specific data elements quickly.

Process Optimization

Our corporate cloud backup services are designed to be fully compliant, adhering to even the strictest established operational parameters. We can also perform cloud readiness assessments and cloud governance – both for private and hybrid platform designs – to ensure your processes remain streamlined and highly optimized. In other words, our solutions are going to do anything except slow you down. 

Ready to take the leap and discover all the benefits of Zycom’s corporate cloud backup services? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to plan your company’s custom-tailored solution.

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