Cloud Ready Platform Solutions

On Premise and Off Premise platforms and services for SMB & Enterprise businesses

Are you ready for the cloud?

Not all use cases are meant for cloud but when they are Zycom gets you ready for your custom journey to the cloud.  Digital transformation of your business is occurring in IT infrastructure, your Workforce and Cyber Security.  You don’t access or secure cloud-native applications like you did with client server applications of the past.  Productivity suites are rapidly migrating to Software as a Service models.  Where will your predictable business critical workloads reside?

We offer Cloud Ready platforms & services to synergize with your specific business use cases like on premise private cloud, backup and recovery, offsite compliance, disaster recovery, development and beyond.  Whether you are just starting out evaluating cloud or you are integrating your IT with cloud in the modern digitized era we have the expertise to guide you.

Optimized Cloud Backup without the red tape

Your backups of your data are as critical as the data itself. Tapes are labor intensive, inefficient and do not scale to the demands of the current business. Zycom provides a backup and data recovery solution as a service solution. This service is inclusive of all required software to back up your critical data, a local on premise disk appliance for quick recovery, and offsite cloud storage options to our cloud of other clouds for survivability post a disaster. We are aware and will ensure your compliant with offsite data requirements and auditing.

1 in 4 Businesses Never Open their doors after a Disaster.

Virtualizing Server workloads have made IT departments vastly more productive and easier to manage. Ensuring that your business critical virtual workloads are resilient to real world threats has been traditionally cost prohibitive… until now. Zycom’s DR as a Service bundled for you as a monthly low cost Disaster Recovery solution.  With our shared private cloud options, your business enjoys a lower cost alternative to owning and managing DR assets. With Zycom, you get a comprehensive self-insurance plan against your worst-case business scenario backed by a company with the know-how to restore your business operations quickly.

Compute and Storage without the CAPEX!

Every dollar invested in an unpredictable IT asset is a dollar that could have been invested in revenue generating capital project. Yet, IT capital budgets have largely been viewed as non-discretionary spend, a necessity to “keep the lights on”.  Zycom’s IaaS provides customers with the compute and storage resources they need to power their IT infrastructure specific use cases on shared private and public cloud resources. With Zycom’s Virtual server, you can save up to 60% over traditional infrastructure’s total cost of ownership (TCO), and up to 20% over other virtualization solutions.

Secure your hybrid, public and private Cloud services

Your workforce is increasingly collaborating internally and externally with remote access business productivity tools via any mobile devices from anywhere at any time.  Protecting your organization from cyber security threats will ensure predictable outcomes in a digital connected world.

Zycom’s Security as a Service is a cost effective cloud solution to enjoy comprehensive   cyber protection lead by experts. This subscription based service provides your organization with cloud based firewall management, intrusion prevention and detection, regular vulnerability scanning and anti-virus, anti-spyware, and 24×7 support.

Scale your workforce and drive up customer satisfaction

Digital transformation will inevitably include disruptive technologies. Alternatively, the transformation has allowed businesses to flourish with access to high quality and reliable resources like never before.  Zycom’s Workforce as a Service enables you to modernize your workforce with virtual desktop infrastructure, SaaS based office productivity suites, develop digital workspaces, and encourage innovation with intuitive applications.

Migrate to and from Cloud smoothly and cost effectively

Cloud migrations can cost businesses a lot of money if they’re not executed correctly. Migration projects can become arduous and without the proper use case analysis, performance testing, and security protocols, your customer satisfaction and business continuity is at risk. Zycom’s Cloud Migration Services can help avoid costs migration to and managing/maintaining cloud workloads through automation and service based support.

On-premise private cloud platforms at Public Cloud pricing

The first step to cloud is transforming your IT infrastructure to be Cloud Ready.  On-premise Cloud platforms have evolved to be cost competitive versus public cloud whilst still connecting to public cloud for specific use cases.  This Hybrid cloud computing approach is the fastest way to modernize your IT and experience the benefits of cloud computing with increased control.   Along with our expertise and experience, we will recommend ways your business can modernize IT platforms, automate services or when to migrate workloads to the cloud.