Data Recovery-as-a-Service

Losing critical data is no joke. It can cause a chain reaction of serious consequences for any business, particularly those with established auditing requirements that need to be met or a necessity to maintain full compliance. The same applies to operations that have specific offsite data management requirements. Tapes are labour-intensive, highly inefficient and incapable of scaling to business demands as the landscape continually evolves. In short, legacy solutions are precisely what they sound like – antiquated, ineffective alternatives that should be avoided when more efficient and proactive solutions are out there.

Zycom is proud to introduce the new standard in data backup and recovery solutions, one that is highly flexible, scalable and designed to serve your compliance needs with ease.

Proactive Backups, Painless Recovery

Dread enduring a lengthy, inefficient data recovery process wrought with transfer errors or complications that slow your business down? Leave those days behind by choosing Zycom. Our ZXaaS-BU solution utilizes the latest security protocols and most proactive processes to ensure lossless transfers, hassle-free file management and quicker recovery when the going gets tough. Zycom ensures seamless compatibility with all backup software your business requires, whether for compliance purposes or otherwise when backing up critical data. In addition, we utilize a local, disk-based recovery system for the fastest possible data restoration, which we implement in conjunction with secure offsite cloud storage options to ensure maximum data survivability in the event of a disaster.

Easier on Labour and Your Budget

Resource allocation can be costly, especially if you’re turning to legacy data recovery methods. Upgrading to a more robust, future-facing solution makes performing backups and recovering critical data not only more secure but also cost-effective, freeing up working hours and putting less of a strain on your labour. That means you can better allocate key employees and critical resources towards projects that could help your business grow.

Simplified Access and Sharing

Need a specific employee to be able to access a file archived three years ago? If you have it on a Zycom-managed backup, getting ahold of it and managing permissions is anything but a chore. Speed up production efficiency, reduce the number of hoops for your team to jump through, and simply get things done in the most efficient way possible. Plus, with cloud integration, sharing and collaborating with your team is remarkably straightforward. Along with end-to-end encryption and simplified permissions tweaking, we make it easier to keep your data secure and internal.

Want to learn more about our data backup and recovery services? We’re happy to provide you with more technical details that may appeal to your specific business operations. Contact us at Zycom today, and let’s get started.

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