DELL EMC World 2019 Highlights of Announcements

Dell recently hosted one of their biggest events yet, Dell Technologies World, which highlighted several of their latest products, services and new enhancements that companies such as yours can begin to harness. The event was a four-day endeavour that allowed the more than 14,000 attendees to learn more about Dell Technologies’ and what they can do for their business and success. The even started with one of the most important changes, the collaboration of Microsoft, VMware and Dell Technologies coming together to unveil revolutionary technologies available all in one place.

For everyone who was unable to attend the event, we’ve created this article that highlights the most important announcements you should be aware of.

The Partner Program

Microsoft 365 and VMware’s Workspace ONE come together to incorporate Office 365’s cloud-based office productivity suite with the management platform. This allows for all management of Office 365 using Microsoft INtune and Azure Active Directory across all devices.

Unity XT Offers 2X The Speed

Dell EMC announced the launch of the next generation of its storage system, the NVME-Ready Unity XT. This storage system offers two times the speed than previous versions and is 67% faster than its closest competitor. It’s optimized for better data efficiency with up to 5:1 data reduction and is designed for a multi-cloud environment. The Unity XT provides easier, faster seamless and non-disruptive service for companies utilizing a cloud platform.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Dell announced that their Technologies Cloud is a VMware Cloud on Dell EMC which offers a consumption-based management service for those using this infrastructure. The integration offers a combination of market-leading hyper-converged infrastructure features, including VMware Cloud Foundation, VxRail and VMware Cloud Stack.

With this change, Dell Technologies are able to deliver public cloud agility and simplicity for all on-premises workloads that are managed by Dell. It also offers bi-directional connection to public clouds for data portability and application through a hybrid cloud system.

Additionally, this is an extension of the VMware Cloud, which delivers a software-defined datacenter infrastructure, and hardware as a service to on-premises that have built-in technologies such as VeloCloud’s vSAN and San SD-WAN.

Seamless Connection to Public Clouds

Another major change made to Dell EMC Technologies is the launch of the Cloud Storage Services. This change enables seamless connection to public clouds while also delivering high-speed, low-latency connections from a public cloud directly to Isilon, PowerMax and Dell EMC Unity in their datacenter.

The Cloud Storage Services also provides automated Disaster Recovery as a DRaaS supporting PowerMax and Unity platforms and multi-cloud access for things such as tests/development and workload analytics.

Hybrid Cloud Platform

The new on-premises Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms that are built on hyper-converged infrastructure, is being hailed as the best hybrid cloud platform in the world. It provides both integrated cloud infrastructure and cloud management services for applications operating in both public and private cloud environments. The cloud platform is built to enhance flexibility that caters to a vast array of workload and performance requirements.

Rebranding of the PowerSwitch

Dell EMC rebranded their networking switches to offer exponential volumes of data traffic across the entire core, cloud and edge. PowerSwitch S5200-ON delivers 2.5X the performance of other models and includes a half-width option designed specifically for HCI (hyper-converged) environments. The PowerSwitch S5200-ON is available in both 12 and 24-port options, offering low density, top-of-the-line connectivity, and cost-effective automation and transformation of networks for storage, HCI implementations and storage.

Dell Technologies World released the new products and services, and enhancements you can harness to transform your business and to increase your success. From the Partner Program to Dell Technologies Cloud, the Cloud Storage Services and much more, these changes are revolutionary options all integrated into one.

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