Five Benefits Of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support

IT business solutions like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) support can work wonders for your enterprise. VDI allows a user’s desktop to live on a remote server instead of on a local PC. This virtual system separates the desktop operating systems, data and applications from the actual hardware. With VDI, users are able to access their desktop from anywhere, making it easier to work from home or when they are away.

The benefits of IT business solutions like VDI are endless but for now, let’s look at the top five.

    1. Easy to manage: How many times has your day been interrupted by the need to install, patch and update applications? When you switch to VDI, that disappears. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure eliminates these timewasters because all management of software assets is streamlined. This includes everything from scanning for viruses to backing up files. Plus, you’re not actually doing any management on your end since the company you hire to set up and provide support for your VDI takes care of everything.
    2. Cuts costs: When it comes to IT business solutions, VDI is one that actually reduces costs. VDI helps you cut costs when it comes to labor, IT management, and support. This is especially helpful when it comes to setting up equipment for new hires and maintaining existing desktops. If you think about it, PC hardware and software accounts for at least 50% of the total cost of ownership of a device. With VDI, you don’t have to worry about any of that, since the support, maintenance, and upgrades are all done by the company in charge of your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
    3. More secure: Security is crucial when it comes to any business. With VDI, confidential company data and information are stored in one server instead of on individual desktops. You don’t have to worry about employees stealing confidential information from their work computers because they actually can’t. All user data is backed up regularly on the server and not on your employee devices.
    4. Enhance productivity: VDI increases productivity because employees are able to access their desktops from anywhere. They can work from their smartphones, tablets and home computers. Some employees actually get more done when they work from home because there are no distractions. With VDI you can even set up an off-site team anywhere in the world.
    5. Troubleshooting is a breeze: IT business solutions like VDI make troubleshooting an easy task. Even though each virtual desktop is housed on the same server, if one crashes, it won’t affect the entire system. For example, if Ted in accounting has a problem with his virtual desktop, it won’t cause any issues for Lucy in sales.

Luckily, you can count on Zycom experts to provide IT business solutions like VDI. Please contact us for more information.

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