Four Reasons To Provide Offline Integration For Your Online Company

Allowing your employees to work off-site, whether they’re on a business trip or have a sore throat yet still want to get things done from home, is something every business owner should consider. A problem with giving employees the chance to work off-site, however, is that you have to make sure the materials they need to work on are available offsite and offline. Otherwise, your employees will be wasting valuable resources to bring those materials with them. For example, some employees will print hard copies of the stuff they need, while others will store files on an external drive or on their phones. Printing out a 200-page spreadsheet on the company printer is a waste of money and paper, and external drives get lost in pockets and purses. Instead, provide offline integration for your online company. Here’s four reasons why:

  1. Business doesn’t stall: When the workday ends at 5pm that doesn’t mean the business has to stop. Offline integration creates a mobile workforce where you can continue to do business even after you get home. This is especially helpful if you have clients who operate in a different timezone. With offline integration there’s no gap in the process and the work can keep going. Plus, your employees won’t mind if they have to continue working from home if you give them incentives, and they’ll be in their pajamas anyway.
  2. Keep information secure: Companies that provide forms through mobile devices and when offline can use integration to allow their staff to collect information via a secure app. This way information stays secure and electronic signatures and other data can be collected while you are offline.
  3. Get access while disconnected: Many content management systems let you take information and documents offline, allowing you to work on them while you’re on the go without an Internet connection. If you’re someone who travels constantly for business, this could be a time-saving process since you’ll be able to get things done even when you don’t have WiFi.
  4. Easy to share only the information needed: With offline integration for your information capture and management system, you can set up permissions for each employee that will be working offline. In doing so, you ensure that employees can only see information they’re supposed to see. Also, any work the employee saves when they’re offline can be tracked and integrated as soon as the system’s back online.

Providing offline integration for your online company creates the perfect solution for all businesses. In addtion, you’ll never see an employee wasting paper on a 200-page spreadsheet again.

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