Intel Xeon Server Chipset Futures – What’s Next?

Technology is getting yet another upgrade and it’s all happening in the Intel Xeon Server chipset. With the new, scalable processors you’ll be able to “drive actionable insight, count on hardware-based security and deploy dynamic service delivery”, but what does that really mean for HCI and Tier-3 solutions customers? We take a look at the future of Intel Xeon Server chipset to discover the power these compact pieces of technology are about to unleash on the world.

The Future of Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

The new Intel Xeon Scalable processors are described as being the chipset that can “support your hybrid cloud infrastructure and most demanding applications”, equipped with everything from artificial intelligence, analytics, autonomous driving, network transformation, high-performance computing and much more.
Inarguably, the biggest feature of these new scalable processors is that despite offering more agility, scalability and density, Intel Xeon scalable chipsets also come with a 50% increase in memory channels and 20% more PCle* lanes than what the previous generations had available. These revolutionary scalable chipsets come with a brand-new core that is built specifically for this exclusive collection of scalable processors, and they’re designed to support the diverse workload needs of the future. It’s a combination of storage, network and computing in one, offering optimal performance, fast data compression and cryptography, hardware-enhanced security, and excellent efficiency.

The Intel Xeon Server Chipset Specs:

Here’s a breakdown of the specs that, inarguably, are a giant leap for both mankind and the tech industry:
• Average performance of 1.73X across key industry-standard workloads
• 2X flops/cycle when used with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 which enables large gains in most HPC apps
• Perfect to deliver 2.4X interference performance and 2.2X higher deep learning training than previous generations
• Supports up to 4.2X more VMs
• Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum options

Intel Xeon Bronze Processor

The Intel Xeon Bronze Processor is the most affordable scalable chipset available. It’s highly ideal for small businesses in need of quality performance and basic storage, but who also want the hardware-enhanced security, reliability and availability provided.
• 8.25 MB L3 Cache (3104 Version) or 11MB L3 Cache (3106 Version)
• Choice of 6 or 8 Cores
• Choice of 6 or 8 Threads
• 85.0 W Max TDP
• 1.70 GHz Clock Speed

Intel Xeon Silver Processor

The Intel Xeon Silver Processor provides a slight upgrade to the Bronze options, offering essential power efficiency and performance, moderate network, compute and storage, and improved memory speed.
• 6 Versions to Choose From
• Choice of 11 – 16.5 MB L3 Cache
• Choice of 8 – 12 Cores
• Choice of 16 – 24 Threads
• Choice of 70 or 85.0 W Max TDP
• 2.60 GHz Clock Speed
• 3.00 GHz Max Turbo Frequency

Intel Xeon Gold Processor

The Intel Xeon Gold Processor is where you’ll truly start to experience the optimized workload performance, advanced reliability, increased memory speed, interconnects, capacity and more. It’s also the beginning of the enhanced 2-4 socket scalability which is not offered with the bronze and silver options.
• 28 Versions to Choose From
• MB L3 Cache Ranges from 16.5 – 30.25
• Choice of 4 – 20 Cores
• Choice of 8 – 28 Threads
• Up to 160 W Max TDP
• Up to 3.00 GHz Clock Speed
• Up to 3.70 GHz Max Turbo Frequency
Intel Xeon Platinum Processor

The Intel Xeon Platinum Processor is the be all end all of Intel’s scalable processors. It’s designed to provide the best performance for demanding, mission-critical AI, hybrid-cloud workloads and analytics, has uncompromising security for 2,4,8+ socket processors, and much more. It’s impeccably revolutionary.
• 12 Versions to Choose From
• MB L3 Cache Ranges from 16.5 – 38.5
• Choice of 4 – 28 Cores
• Choice of 8 – 56 Threads
• Up To 205.0 W Max TDP
• 3.60 GHz Clock Speed
• 3.80 GHz Max Turbo Frequency

The changes that will follow such a breakthrough technology will be monumental. Technology will become faster, stronger and more powerful, which will result in a massive digital transformation to data centers and network infrastructures.




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