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Zycom IT Management as Service (ZXaaS-ITM)

Zycom delivers IT Management & Support as a Service – a flat-rate proactive maintenance service – designed to reduce your costs, increase your profits and mitigate your business risks. We partner with you as your Virtual CIO and IT Department.

We maintain your computer & network infrastructure; so you don’t have to!

All good relationships are based on effective communication. A partnership with Zycom is no different. Our Service Level Objectives (SLO) ensure all tasks are completed and success rates are measured. We provide our clients with strategic, operational and maintenance IT assistance –making us a more valuable asset to your team. Our SLOs create a level of assurance and trust, especially when you offer additional services to your associates and clients.

Zycom offers you choice and flexibility to meet your needs with two focused services. You have the option of purchasing just one service or combining the two. We offer three levels of service for each of the two options: CORE, PLUS, PRO. The level of service depends on your ITM budget and requirements. The services are:

ITM Workforce Solutions

Increase your workforce’s productivity by decreasing end-user issues. Access our trained & experienced IT consultants via helpdesk specializing in security, applications, network, and desktop support.




Your minimum core services package to keep your workforce productive and to keep your workstations running smoothly.

  • 24×7 Automated Remote Monitoring and Management
  • M-F Help Desk Services
  • Microsoft Office & 365 Support
  • Popular Application Support
  • Windows Desktop Security Patches & Updates
  • MS Terminal Services Support

Comprehensive workforce monitoring and maintenance package that covers all workstation applications.

All Core Services, plus:

  • Mobile Device Email Support
  • 3rd Party Application Support
  • Remote Access Services
  • Apple iOS Support
  • Licensing Management

Professional workforce automation and management to take your never sleep business to the next level with 24×7 support options.

All Core & Plus Services, plus:

  • Desktop Imaging
  • BYOD & Security Policy Management
  • Virtual CIO Services
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support
  • SharePoint User Management
  • Desktop Imaging Management
  • Optional 24×7 Help Desk Support

ITM Back Office Solutions

We work together with you to create parameters that are designed to protect your valuable information from misuse or damage by intruders to your network. We manage all aspects of your back office systems infrastructure under one agreement as your professional IT resource.




A core set of services to keep your critical back office infrastructure remotely monitored and managed to increase uptime.

  • 24×7 Automated Remote Monitoring and Management
  • M-F Help Service Desk Services
  • MS & Linux Sever Operating System Support
  • MS Application Support
  • Storage Area Network Management
  • Windows Server Security Patches & Updates
  • Backup Job Monitoring & Alerts

All-inclusive package that optimizes your back office infrastructure with 24×7 support options.

All Core Services, plus:

  • 3rd Party Application Support
  • VPN Tunnel Management
  • MS ISS & Anti-Virus Server Support
  • Firewall & Firmware Management
  • Software License & Hardware Lifecycle Management
  • Optional 24×7 Help Desk Support

Full Service package to maintain the integrity and meet the demands of your rapid paced business.

All Core & Plus Services, plus:

  • Error & Event Log Monitoring
  • MS SQL Server w/Health Check
  • MS SharePoint Server & Site Maintenance
  • Warranty Management
  • Optional MS Hyper-V Support
  • Optional 24×7 Help Desk Support

Certifications held by our team.


# of Cyber Attacks prevented per month


Client IT devices managed by our team


# of tickets managed per month


IT Support Services
Helpdesk IT Support & Troubleshooting
  • Resolve costly computer & network downtime issues over the phone
  • Resolve 80% of issues remotely
  • Onsite assistance provided
  • 24×7 Active Remote monitoring & Management (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA)
  • Single point contact for all network related issues
  • Gain productivity by decreasing end-user issues
IT Support Solutions
Network Infrastructure Maintenance, Monitoring and Support
  • 24×7 IT Support services for your servers, workstations & network equipment.
  • Proactive approach to mission critical servers and network devices to increase your availability and responsiveness.
  • Benefit from our managed support services to gain a stable, secure & fully functional network at all times.
  • Round the clock monitoring to identify, isolate & eliminate issues before it affects productivity.
  • Monthly reporting allows you to plan for the future.
  • Continuous end-to-end monitoring from your anti-virus system to system backups.
Project Delivery Services
IT Project Services for major changes
  • IT Management works discretely as an extension of your service team.
  • Our delivery team also partners with other reputable organizations like Zycom to deliver IT services in areas we don’t focus on to offer you a seamless service/solution.
  • Expert Project Professionals can tackle any project we’re tasked with.
IT Managed Services
Access to Multiple Trained IT Experts
  • Have access to the right set of trained & experienced IT consultants specializing in security, applications, network, server and desktop support.
  • Management of all aspects of your network under one vendor as your professional IT resource.
SMB Cloud Solutions
SMB Cloud Solutions
  • Zycom Anything as a Service (ZXaaS) is our own branded SMB cloud services market offering.
  • ZXaaS includes backups as a Service (ZXaaS-BU) and Virtual Servers as a Service (ZXaaS –VS).
  • We also offer 3rd party cloud services i.e. Microsoft Office 365, Azure, etc.
  • Assist you in finding the right cloud solution to compliment your needs…and budget!
IT Managed Solutions
Security Maintenance, Monitoring and Support
  • Our managed security services (MSS) minimize the risk of your employees who access the internet.
  • We work together with you to create parameters that are designed to protect your valuable information from misuse or damage by intruders to your network.
  • We monitor and manage your firewalls, anti-malware, intrusion prevention and virtual networks.
  • Our MSS provides a cost effective comfort and convenience to data security.

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