Keeping Your Data Safe with Backup-as-a-Service

Keeping Your Data Safe with Backup-as-a-Service

Security and privacy compliance. Risk-aware operations. Disaster recovery with optimal failover times. These are just some of the perks of choosing the right backup-as-a-service (BUaaS) in cloud computing. It’s not only a great way to keep your business on its toes but also better protected against any ‘landmines’ that could otherwise impede on everyday efficiency and preparedness. 

Data safety isn’t solely tied to keeping cyber threats out. It’s also about accessibility – ensuring your team can safely obtain your files without any hassle. Today, let’s look at some crucial ways BUaaS keeps your data, team, and operational performance safe.

BUaaS Solutions are Smarter than Ever

Artificial intelligence has come a long way when it comes to automated data security and privacy protocols. In fact, it’s largely unrecognizable – in a good way – compared to solutions of even a few years ago. Digital fortifications, effectively prioritized as a prerequisite for many businesses’ cloud migration strategies, are stronger and more resilient. Updates are regularly carried out to keep the latest cyber threats out, and designated team members or IT managers can easily set access permissions without any fuss. What’s more, managed hybrid cloud infrastructural solutions like ours at Zycom ensure round-the-clock monitoring and threat mitigation. There’s no room for error or gambling when you take your operations online. 

Smooth and Secure

What good is a data backup solution if it’s unfriendly towards users who need to access, share, and collaborate on files without hassle? Slow, complicated solutions bog down production efficiency and can even result in compromised security through sheer complexity. Today’s options for BUaaS in cloud computing are your business’ saving grace – they’re the ideal marriage of form and function. For instance, our dedicated BUaaS is inclusive of all your required software, backing up mission-critical data and sensitive information to our T3 cloud system. This approach is easy to manage and maintain, as it negates the risk element otherwise present in more cumbersome and overwhelming backup solutions.

Disaster Recovery

The right backup-as-a-service solution is conducive to an effective, timely, and cost-efficient disaster recovery strategy. With careful and proactive optimizations – and a whole lot of testing – failovers of critical systems and data required to maintain everyday operations are faster. Hitting a desired recovery time objective is only possible if your backup solution is optimized to enable rather than hinder it. If utilized in conjunction with hybrid cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (HCIaaS), your team can bounce back with minimal stress when the going gets tough, whether that’s in the case of a hack, onsite emergency, or other forms of operational interference.

Harness the Power and Convenience of the Cloud

Lastly, one should consider the benefits of cloud-integrated backup-as-a-service solutions. This bypasses the need for hardwired physical storage media almost entirely, instead diverting data from network-connected devices to a centralized digital backup alternative. Paired with cloud governance that can be optimized for full compliance with any established operating regulations your business needs to adhere to, it’s an even more elegant and streamlined approach. It’s well-suited to public or private cloud infrastructures and any combination of remote or onsite deployments. You won’t need to worry about costly in-house data centres, extra maintenance on the part of your IT team, or updates becoming intrusive – not to mention fewer restrictions in terms of user volume or flexibility.

Your business deserves a dynamic, flexible, efficient, and fully adaptive backup-as-a-service solution, all without driving up IT-related costs or burdening your in-house teams. This is where hybrid cloud infrastructure lives up to its name in spades, and we at Zycom are fully prepared to deliver such next-level, future-proofed solutions for your team. Learn more about our wide range of managed and cloud service offerings by contacting us today.

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