Zycom maintain's your computer and network infrastructure; so you dont have to!

Managed IT Support Services

Zycom delivers IT Services, IT Management & Support as a Service. Offered as a flat-rate proactive maintenance service,  designed to reduce your costs, increase your profits and mitigate your business risks. We partner with you as your Virtual CIO and IT Department.

All good relationships are based on effective communication. A partnership with Zycom is no different. Our Service Level Objectives (SLO) ensure all tasks are completed and success rates are measured. We provide our clients with strategic, operational and maintenance IT assistance –making us a more valuable asset to your team. Our SLOs create a level of assurance and trust, especially when you offer additional services to your associates and clients.

Zycom offers you choice and flexibility to meet your needs with two focused services. You have the option of purchasing just one service or combining the two. We offer three levels of service for each of the two options: CORE, PLUS, PRO. 

Workforce Solutions

Increase your workforce’s productivity by decreasing end-user issues. Access our trained & experienced IT consultants via our helpdesk specializing in security, applications, network, and desktop support.

  • Core:

    Your minimum core services package to keep your workforce productive and to keep your workstations running smoothly.

  • Plus:

    Comprehensive workforce monitoring and maintenance package that covers all workstation applications.
  • Pro:

    Professional workforce automation and management to take your never sleep business to the next level with 24×7 support options.
  • A la Carte:

    Individual managed services are offered to augment your IT personnel and or specific business needs.

Back Office Solutions

Managing core systems to ensure data integrity and availability for your organization. We manage all aspects of your back office infrastructure under one agreement as your professional IT partner.

  • Core:

    A core set of services to keep your critical back office infrastructure remotely monitored and managed to increase uptime.
  • Plus:

    All-inclusive package that optimizes your back office infrastructure with 24×7 support options.

  • Pro:

    Full Service package to maintain the integrity and meet the demands of your rapid paced business.

  • A la Carte:

    Individual managed services are offered to augment your IT personnel and or specific business needs.

Managed Service Delivery Catalogue


  • Standard Service Desk

  • End Point Patch Mgt.

  • Incident/Request Reporting

  • End point OS Support

  • End Point Asset Mgt.

  • End Point Reporting

  • Microsoft Office / O365

  • Skype for Business

  • VPN

  • Application Support

  • Remote Access

  • End Point Imaging

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support

  • SharePoint

  • IT Managed Platform as a Service

  • Identity & Access Mgt.

  • Extended Service Desk

  • Mobility Email Integration

  • Anti-Virus as a Service
Back Office

  • Standard Operations Support

  • Server OS Support

  • Backup Mgt.

  • Infrastructure Reporting

  • 24x7 Availability Monitoring

  • Infrastructure Patch Mgt.

  • Infrastructure Asset Mgt.

  • Remote Access Mgt.

  • Virtualization / Hypervisor

  • Storage Support

  • Application Support

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Process Automation

  • Incident Reporting

  • Network Security

  • Extended Operations Support

  • Cloud based VM Mgt.

  • Nutanix Platform Mgt.

  • IT Managed Platform as a Service

  • Cyber Security Vulnerability Monitoring

  • FWaaS (Firewall as a Service)

  • SharePoint Security Mgt.

  • Managed Assessment

  • vCIO
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