Zycom maintain’s your computer and network infrastructure; so you dont have to!

Managed IT Services Provider

Are you in need of a custom managed IT services provider prioritizing data security, compliance, and non-intrusive solutions? Zycom is your best bet, delivering comprehensive network stability and security audits in addition to a wide range of maintenance options. Along with a range of pricing tiers to suit businesses of all sizes, we have something for everyone. Let our years of technical expertise and firm grasp of the latest proven innovations guide you in optimizing your IT infrastructure in the best way possible.

Our Solutions, Your Success

We’re excited to offer a comprehensive suite of sub-services as part of our managed IT packages across multiple tiers. Whether you go for our Core, Plus, Pro or A-la-Carte options, the following options and much more may be available to you across workforce and back-office capacities:

  • Endpoint reporting and imaging plus patch and asset management
  • Microsoft Office 365 support
  • Application and storage support
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Cloud-based backup management and remote access
  • Process automation and virtualization
  • 24×7 network monitoring
  • Identity and access management
  • Standard and extended service desks
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure, standard operations, and server OS support

Whether you need us for network cabling, OS support, setting up a VM or optimizing established internal IT processes to ensure full compliance, we’re proud to be one of the most trusted managed IT service providers around. To learn more about the many sub-services that can be customized to ensure we cover all the angles for you, contact us at Zycom today. We look forward to delivering a future-facing, proactive and user-friendly solution that won’t interfere with your day-to-day operational efficiency.

Workforce Solutions

Increase your workforce’s productivity by decreasing end-user issues. Access our trained & experienced IT consultants via our helpdesk specializing in security, applications, network, and desktop support.

  • Core:

    Your minimum core services package to keep your workforce productive and to keep your workstations running smoothly.

  • Plus:

    Comprehensive workforce monitoring and maintenance package that covers all workstation applications.
  • Pro:

    Professional workforce automation and management to take your never sleep business to the next level with 24×7 support options.
  • A la Carte:

    Individual managed services are offered to augment your IT personnel and or specific business needs.

Back Office Solutions

Managing core systems to ensure data integrity and availability for your organization. We manage all aspects of your back office infrastructure under one agreement as your professional IT partner.

  • Core:

    A core set of services to keep your critical back office infrastructure remotely monitored and managed to increase uptime.
  • Plus:

    All-inclusive package that optimizes your back office infrastructure with 24×7 support options.

  • Pro:

    Full Service package to maintain the integrity and meet the demands of your rapid paced business.

  • A la Carte:

    Individual managed services are offered to augment your IT personnel and or specific business needs.

Managed Service Delivery Catalogue


  • Standard Service Desk

  • End Point Patch Mgt.

  • Incident/Request Reporting

  • End point OS Support

  • End Point Asset Mgt.

  • End Point Reporting

  • Microsoft Office / O365

  • Skype for Business

  • VPN

  • Application Support

  • Remote Access

  • End Point Imaging

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support

  • SharePoint

  • IT Managed Platform as a Service

  • Identity & Access Mgt.

  • Extended Service Desk

  • Mobility Email Integration

  • Anti-Virus as a Service
Back Office

  • Standard Operations Support

  • Server OS Support

  • Backup Mgt.

  • Infrastructure Reporting

  • 24×7 Availability Monitoring

  • Infrastructure Patch Mgt.

  • Infrastructure Asset Mgt.

  • Remote Access Mgt.

  • Virtualization / Hypervisor

  • Storage Support

  • Application Support

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Process Automation

  • Incident Reporting

  • Network Security

  • Extended Operations Support

  • Cloud based VM Mgt.

  • Nutanix Platform Mgt.

  • IT Managed Platform as a Service

  • Cyber Security Vulnerability Monitoring

  • FWaaS (Firewall as a Service)

  • SharePoint Security Mgt.

  • Managed Assessment

  • vCIO

Proactive, Security-Focused Service

Nearly every Zycom client who turns to us as a managed service provider in their IT operations is concerned about maximizing the security and resilience of their networking. We rise to meet this challenge by implementing sophisticated solutions such as switching from easily-compromised physical servers to cloud-based infrastructure, actively monitoring network performance and delivering high-security data management. Keeping your customers, employees, and investments safe has never been more cost-effective or simplified. 

A Wide Range of Applications

From VDI desktop support to IT disaster recovery management, Zycom has worked closely with clients in a wide range of applications. These include esteemed organizations in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, financial service providers and more. Our managed IT services encompass a vast range of solutions that can be custom-tailored to suit your precise needs. Whether your concern is boosting data security, streamlining established processes or maintaining full compliance, we’re happy to help.  

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