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Where will your journey to the cloud take you?

We offer cloud services to compliment your specific use cases like backup and recovery, offsite compliance, disaster recovery, development and beyond.  Our own branded cloud services for the Enterprise market are branded Zycom Anything as a Service (ZXaaS).  These services include Backup as a Service (ZXaaS-BU), Disaster Recovery as a Service (ZXaaS-DR) and Virtual Servers as a Service (ZXaaS-VS).

We also broker 3rd party cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 to make your email more reliable and make your workforce more productive & Microsoft Azure storage and server resources.

Complimented with professional Project Delivery services, we help you with migration and support services for each cloud solution.

Cloud Based IT Solutions


Optimized Cloud Backup without the red tape

Your backups of your data are as critical as the data itself given compliance and auditing and off site data requirements. Tapes are labor intensive, inefficient and do not scale to the demands of the current business. Zycom provides a backup and data recovery solution as a service (ZXaaS-BU) solution inclusive of all required software to backup your critical data, a local on premise disk appliance for quick recovery, and offsite cloud storage options to our cloud of other clouds for survivability post a disaster.

The onsite apliance will allow for immediate roll backs and restores in the event of server failures, accidental deletion and software version rollbacks. Our cloud infrastructure provides a full synthetic repository of this local backup storage repository. The backup software allows the user to select which virtual machines are backed up into the cloud, the frequency of backup and the retention policy per machine. A combination of these parameters will determine the overall size of the cloud storage and data transit requirements.

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Cloud Based Services


1 in 4 Businesses Never Open their doors after a Disaster.

Virtualizing Server workloads have made Information Technology departments vastly more productive, and easier to manage. Ensuring that your business critical virtual workloads are resilient to real world threats has been traditionally cost prohibitive…until now. Zycom’s Anything as a Service (ZXaaS), leveraging our shared private cloud, provides your business with a lower cost alternative to owning and managing DR assets, bundled for you as a monthly low cost Disaster Recovery solution (ZXaaS-DR).

ZXaaS-DR links with your virtual infrastructure via an encrypted VPN. The private cloud provides the off-site compute and storage resources to maintain up to date synchronized copies of your mission critical virtual servers and data. State-of-the-art disaster recovery software maintains your standby virtual servers. This solution can be self-managed by you or administered by Zycom’s IT Management asa service (ZXaaS-ITM) staff. Moving to a hosted solution eliminates the need for capital expenditure. ZXaaS-DR provides a unique solution which includes complimentary services: dedicated disaster support, disaster recovery planning and documentation, hardware replacement support, resource bursting, and expertise. With ZXaaS-DR, you get comprehensive selfinsurance plan against your worst case business scenario backed by a company with the know-how to restore your business operations quickly.

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Every dollar invested in an IT asset is a dollar that could have been invested in a revenue generating capital project. Yet, IT capital budgets have largely been viewed as non-discretionary spend, necessary to “keep the lights on”. Zycom’s Virtual Server, leveraging our shared private cloud, provides your business with a lower cost alternative to owning server and storage assets, bundled for you as a monthly low cost solution.

Virtual Server provides customers with the compute and storage resources they need to power their IT infrastructure. Hosted from Tier 3 datacenters that guarantee 99.999% uptime, these services are secured by 256-bit encryption and constant monitoring. Best of all, the service is billed in monthly payments based on your actual requirements. With Zycom’s Virtual server, you can save up to 60% over traditional infrastructure’s total cost of ownership (TCO), and up to 20% over other virtualization solutions.

Virtual Server bundles come in several forms. Virtual Servers are secure virtual machines (VMs) hosted in your own fenced network, and replace existing physical servers or in-house VMs. Hosted Application Servers are virtual server instances preconfigured with popular application packages. With Zycom’s Hosted App Service you can quickly and easily deploy new capabilities to your organization, or reduce the costs associated with your current delivery model. Finally, Virtual Private Storage provides customers with cloud –based off-site storage that can dynamically scale and which is governed by Canadian law.

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Zycom can provide your organization with a DR Assessment that will answer these questions and quantify your risk.

Zycom Microsoft Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure

One size does not fit all. Our cloud experts will help you via professional services to accelerate your corporate adoption of hybrid and public cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure. We build, integrate or migrate your specific use cases to Azure to satisfy your business requirements. From utilizing Azure for application development, storage backup & recovery and application migration we are here to help. We offer resale of Azure services and experienced consulting services to achieve your goals. As Azure solutions continue to evolve so will Zycom's service delivery capabilities to augment your project.

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Microsoft Office365

We help you get the full benefit of collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 with proven migration services. We work with you to move from on premise or hosted Exchange solutions to Office 365. Enable the most secure office productivity suite in the cloud. Access your files anywhere and maintain security over your data. We can even integrate Office 365 with your Active Directory and VDI solutions. Has your email ever crashed or gone down for maintenance? Never again with Microsoft's Office 365 Availability.

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