Nutanix Introduces New Tools: What You Should Know

Nutanix has been the leading software defined cloud platform for integrated computing and storage via hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) since 2009. Initially setting out to improve services related to data storage and management, Nutanix has always set its sights on the future of platform based cloud ready computing technologies.

The following will help you understand two new tools that have been introduced by the company. They represent Nutanix’s vision for creating a more robust operating system for today’s cloud-based businesses.

Xi Cloud Services

Xi Cloud services help businesses implement effective disaster recovery plans. Other applications simply create duplicates of file structures.

But Nutanix’s Xi Cloud services let you create backups of files, IP addresses, licences, and other critical elements of your computing infrastructure.

The primary benefit of this approach is that it reduces the time and resources needed to restore your data after a disaster. With Xi Cloud services, businesses can quickly resume their daily operations and prevent losses in revenue and productivity.

Recent natural disasters have demonstrated the vulnerability of data centres and the damages that it can cause for businesses.

For companies already using Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Platform, Xi Cloud provides an integrated extension that eliminates the need for sourcing and installing separate tools for disaster recovery.

This makes your data management more efficient while providing you with peace of mind in knowing that your organization is protected from unforeseen disasters.

Nutanix Calm

Nutanix Calm allows your cloud computing capabilities to adapt to your organization’s activities. Most cloud solutions that are being used today lack the control that this tool can offer.

The Nutanix Calm tool enhances the capabilities of the company’s Enterprise Cloud Platform by helping you integrate native applications and implement a more comprehensive lifecycle management strategy.

Applications can be independent of your system’s infrastructure, which allows them to be used in both public and private cloud computing environments. More importantly, your organization’s daily tasks are automated across your entire team.

This allows your IT teams to develop and implement new applications that can be managed within a more practical framework and enhances your efficiency while minimizing costs.

Managing your applications can require the use of limited resources. Nutanix Calm lets you deploy these applications using an automated process that you can repeat over time.

This supports the scaling of your operations while monitoring the actual cost of your cloud computing.

Why These Tools Matter

These new tools from Nutanix represent the company’s movement towards creating a hybrid architecture operating system. Using these tools in an integrated system allows organizations to manage their cloud computing use cases more efficiently.

Nutanix is striving to create a better cloud computing experience with local controls that helps today’s businesses move workloads to and from on premise platforms and cloud. They help you prevent the damage that results from disasters and automate your daily tasks.

These new tools give businesses the resources they need to remain competitive in today’s marketplace while positioning them for a new level of industry success.

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