Public Cloud (IaaS) vs. Hybrid Cloud (HCIaaS): What’s the Difference?

Public Cloud (IaaS) vs. Hybrid Cloud (HCIaaS): What’s the Difference?

At Zycom, we’re firm believers in empowering businesses with state-of-the-art, hyper-converged infrastructure solutions. However, when it comes to the ages-old public versus hybrid cloud debate, there are some important factors you should consider before deciding on a specific migration. Otherwise known as IaaS, public cloud networks have their own benefits, as do hybrid variants (HCIaaS). Today, let’s explore the fundamentals of both options to help you make a more informed decision.

Public Cloud

More Complex Security and Initial Migrations

Due to the very nature of public cloud solution architecture, managing permissions and maintaining security compliance can be a more involved and time-consuming process. This is especially true if you intend to manage the cloud elements of your IT infrastructure on your own. At the same time, performing the initial migration can be a more complicated process, depending on the size and specific needs of your operations. We recommend calling in experienced IaaS technicians to ensure you are set up efficiently, smoothly and quickly, minimizing hassle for all employees.

Shared Resources

Public cloud solutions represent a sharing of network resources with, as the name implies, members of the general public. Bandwidth, firewall and security protocols, and possibly even data servers may be utilized in this manner. Therefore, you need to ensure you have a resilient, proactive approach in place to keep your company’s digital assets encrypted and safe, out of reach of everyday users who don’t work for you.

Scalable and Resilient, with Limitations

Public cloud networks are more readily adaptable to the needs of your business thanks to a solid framework, making them a more flexible option. IaaS also offers availability zone resiliency, representing improved fault tolerance, faster disaster recovery with reduced failover, and overall greater scalability. However, concessions are made in terms of little control over the user interface or subsequent software changes.

Cost Fluctuations

Depending on the time, resources and manpower attributed to your cloud governance, IaaS costs can fluctuate wildly. Currency-related pricing adjustments and egress fees are the most common causes. Therefore, it’s essential to conceptualize the migration in advance to account for all rollout and maintenance costs associated with your infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

The Best of Both Worlds

HCIaaS can easily integrate with public elements based on your specific operations and use case, all while respecting your data and security compliance needs. It offers equally sufficient stability and efficiency, albeit at an overall 40-percent lower total cost of ownership. Unlike the public cloud, hybrid solutions provide your business with a little more control over the user experience, updates and everyday maintenance. 

Longer Provisioning Times, but with Reduced Latency

While it’s true that HCIaaS solutions take longer to successfully provision and implement, the cost-saving potential is tremendous. However, there’s more to it than that – you can also manage workloads local to your business with greatly reduced latency, saving you not only money but also precious time – both of which can be reallocated towards process refinement, hiring, or expanding the capabilities of your team. Despite an inability to scale downwards, it can still adapt to your business as it grows and thrives.

When it comes to the public cloud versus hybrid cloud, you don’t have to guess which is best. Our team at Zycom is prepared to assist with attentive, personalized managed IT services that eliminate guesswork and maximize potential for every client. To learn more about our hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud migrations and other services, reach out to our team today. We’re ready to custom-tailor an approach that best aligns with your operating needs, use case, compliance requirements and budget.

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