The Relationship Between IoT and Cloud Computing

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It refers to the connection of devices other than computers and smartphones to the Internet. Devices on the IoT range from cars, kitchen appliances, alarm systems, and medical devices like heart monitors. It is basically anything that can connect to the Internet that isn’t traditionally considered a thing you’d connect to the Internet. Conversely, cloud computing is a system that delivers data, applications, videos, and pictures over the Internet to data centres.

Both the IoT and cloud computing can easily streamline the tasks we perform everyday whether it’s for work, home, or as we’re driving to work or home. A strong relationship exists between the two, and it’s more important than you think.

A pathway to data

Yes, that sounds a little on the zen-side, but it’s true. Cloud computing provides a pathway for data to travel until it reaches its destination. Since the IoT is responsible for the generation of enormous amounts of data, the Cloud is there to make sure the data gets where it needs to go. In addition, this data gets to where it needs to go in a matter of minutes, and sometimes even seconds, so you’re not left waiting and watching while tapping your foot incessantly. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a device to update. At least with the Cloud, IoT devices won’t have you waiting all day.

Changing the way we do everything

The coupling of the Cloud and the IoT will change the way we go about our lives. Think about it this way: let’s say you buy one of those fancy, stainless steel smart fridges. This fridge is an IoT device that tracks everything you put in or take out of it. It creates grocery lists for you, sends you notifications when you’re low on staples like milk, and can even lock to keep your kids and significant other from eating the potato salad you bought specifically for the company barbecue. Without the Cloud, how would the data from your fridge get to you? The more IoT devices we bring into our lives, the more it changes the way we do everything. The Cloud is also how these IoT devices stay connected to you when you’re not home. If someone tries to break into your fridge and eat your potato salad, you’ll know right away even if you’re out.

Without the relationship between the Cloud and the IoT, you wouldn’t get a notification that someone has opened the fridge and you’d come home to an empty bowl of potato salad.

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