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Vulnerability Assessment

Did you know that Canadian businesses lose $3.12B per year to cyber crime? (Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Apr 2017)

How much could your company lose if someone hacked into your systems or threatened you with a ransomeware attack? How vulnerable are your IT Systems? Unsure? Take the first step to protecting your business today. 

Protect Your Business

Allow Zycom Technology to perform a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of your network from external threats. We will produce a simple and easy to understand assessment that will outline your vulnerabilities and provide remediation solutions. Making sure you reduce the threat of losing money, data or productivity. 

Zycom’s Security Assessment Solution

Live Discovery

Dynamically discover every computer asset across any digital computing environment (even the ones you did not know about).

Instant Visibility

Automatically assess where each asset is, secure or exposed and to what extent it is exposed. 

Focus and Priority

Prioritize remediation, along with selecting the appropriate remediation technique based on business criticality and severity. 

How The Assessment Works

  • We conduct a perimeter scan on your firewall(s)
  • We review your firewall configuration
  • We conduct an internal vulnerability scan of your computer systems

The Deliverables

  • Perimeter Firewall Report
  • Vulnerability Assessment Report
  • Updates and Security Strength Report
  • Remediation Suggestions
  • A proposal for ongoing monitoring of your network security


$1800 to perform a Vulnerability Assessment for a network that includes one (1) firewall and up to two hundred and fifty (250) assets. Assets can include computers (desktops and notebooks), network devices (such as switches), printers, servers and storage devices.
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