Transformation of Cyber Security

With the rise of digital transformations comes an increased concern about internet security. Symantec reported that approximately 978 million people in 20 different countries were affected by cybercrime in 2017, resulting in a colossal $114 billion loss in cash for Canadians alone, in 12 months. Shockingly, 35% of Canadians don’t have up-to-date security software that can protect themselves and their businesses against cybercrime. Unfortunately, with the increase in technology comes an increase in vulnerability. Add in the fact that technology isn’t going anywhere, it’s imperative to have proper security measures put in place to protect both your staff and consumers, as well as the infrastructure of your business that houses the most crucial data and documents.

What is Changing in Cyber Security

Due to the drastic findings regarding cybercrime, the industry has made some significant changes as of late to further protect businesses from beginning victims of such a costly – and preventable disaster.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) or EoT (Enterprise of Things) is a system of connected computing devices and machines, has implemented new security measures to protect businesses from the new types of threats being presented as a risk today.
Encryption of data is certainly one of the most significant changes and one that presents many benefits to businesses utilizing an IoT infrastructure. This new security feature protects data on servers and endpoints, both when at rest and in-transit to ensure vital information is only shared within the corporate network.
This is a key security measure to have in place, as a hack of your IoT endpoint can result in all systems shutting down which has the potential to threaten the safety of both your business and its employees.

Social Media

With social media being one of the top technology shifts for businesses and an absolute necessity for marketing, one must consider the security risks that come with using it. While the platforms do ask for approval prior to sharing information with a third-party, it’s highly recommended to have a cybersecurity process put in place that is inclusive to all corporate workstations, such as mobile devices for employees, firewall restrictions, and network security.

Cloud Computing

As businesses undergo a digital transformation, cloud computing is becoming the premium choice for sharing data within the business. However, not all clouds are created equal. While public clouds, such as Google Docs, are often the cost-effective solution, there is a risk that comes with it as data and applications are stored in service provider clouds. As a result, you have limited control over the security measures put in place.
As such, private and hybrid cloud computing software have taken precedence in the business world recently, as a result of the increased control you receive, as well as the enhanced security measures implemented into the systems.

Mobile Devices on the Corporate Network

With most, if not all of your employees utilizing a mobile phone on a daily basis while on premises, it’s crucial to consider the security that comes with it, particularly for those on the corporate network. Smartphones are essentially mini-computers and they need to be infused with security technologies and practices that your business uses on desktops, laptops and other devices.
Many mobile device companies are now offering management and security solutions that allow you to manage mobile phones on the corporate network from an on-premise interface. Often times, this can be implemented simply by adding an application onto the phone which then gives you full control over application restrictions, backups and restores, security swipes if the phone is misplaced, etc.

Malware, online scams, and phishing at the most common types of cybercrime in Canada and businesses of all sizes are not exempt from these threats. As such, all businesses need to have a security progress in place to ensure secure operating systems and appliances well throughout their infrastructure.

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