Transformational IT Trends for 2018

The business landscape has seen a significant change as of late, as more businesses opt for a digital transformation. However, this technical shift goes beyond simply implementing shiny new tech devices. Instead, it’s about updated development processes, the IT infrastructure, business practices, technologies and more. Here are the top transformational IT trends for 2018 that can turn your business into a mobilized powerhouse.

Cloud Computing Platforms

One of the most significant transformation IT trends for 2018 pertains to cloud computing platforms. As more businesses expand, it’s crucial to have a cloud service that allows for quick, secure and efficient transfers. As such, it’s predicted that 2018 will present more mega-clouds and multi-cloud services to handle the complexity of a digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence

With the rising popularity of devices such as Siri, Alexa, automated customer service chats, and much more, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is expected to be a key component to a digital transformation. This revolutionary technology allows businesses to connect and communicate with their customers quickly and efficiently, which can enhance user-experience and overall rapport while freeing up employees’ time for other tasks.

IoT Devices and Strategies

IoT-Related business models are expected to take precedence in 2018, as more businesses look to explore the potential of the internet. IoT (Internet of Things) strategies are implemented to find new ways to provide value to customers, and to improve the current strategies used. Often times, these strategies rely heavily on the use of smart technologies and connectivity, but also involve design, user-experience, analytics, edge computing, development applications, big data and much more.

Relational Databases

Speaking of data, relational databases are a key factor when implementing a digital transformation, as they allow for data to be identified and accessed data when in relations to other data within the database. In other words, with the use of relational databases, businesses no longer have to store all information in one long tab delimited file, nor do they have to spend a significant amount of time searching for specific information or creating reports for each record. As such relational databases have the ability to improve productivity and efficiency, while also decreasing the risk of error.

Digital Apps with Alluring UX

With more customers using their mobile devices to fulfill their needs, businesses undergoing a digital transformation need to consider the power of having a digital app with a pleasant UX. Applications on smartphones allow customers to take control of their needs, without any delays. This can result in a better customer experience and quick conversions, while also freeing up time for employees to focus on detail-oriented tasks.
However, it isn’t enough to simply have an engaging app. It’s crucial for your business app to be customer-friendly and infused with smart technologies to further enhance the customer experience. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two new technologies expected to take precedence over the course of 2018. Augmented Reality technologies allow customers to use the app to view their physical location, whereas Virtual Reality stimulates a user experience through perception. Both can be used by various types of businesses, from real estate to retail stores; IT businesses, health care providers and every industry in between.

Arguably, the most significant transformation IT trend for 2018 is that a digital transformation is a must for all businesses. It will become increasingly difficult for businesses to hold rank without the use of smart technologies, such as cloud computing platforms, artificial intelligence, IoT devices, relational databases, digital applications and much more. In fact, it’s predicted that the longer businesses wait to implement a digital transformation, the harder it’ll be to remain successful moving forward.

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