vSphere v5.5 End of Support September 19th

As the industry prepares to upgrade from vSphere V5.5 to V6, it’s time to ensure your cloud computing virtualization platform follows suit. The general support timeframe is scheduled to come to an end as of September 19 and to continue leveraging the power of virtualization, you’ll need to upgrade to V6.

Benefits of Upgrading to V6

While there are some other alternatives to upgrading to V6, it’s strongly recommended to continue with the vSphere platform. Aside from maintaining the same level of quality and support you require, upgrading to V6 provides you with new enhancements and features, such as:

  • vCenter Migration Tool

o    Built-in migration tool to assist with moving to the new version

  • vCenter High Availability

o    Ability to create clusters of vCenter appliances

  • Updated Web Client

o    HTML5 web client is improved

  • Encryption

o    Ability to encrypt VMs at the hypervisor level and on a per-VM basis

  • HA and DRS

o    Improvements such as network utilization improved DRS load balancing and proactive HA

  • Storage

o    Increased LUNs, NFS v4.1, advanced format drives, and automated UNMAP

Preparing to Migrate Off of V5.5

Migrating off of vSphere V5.5 is a complex task that comes with many prerequisites. It’s recommended to take note of the following computer systems and software capabilities to get the process started:

  • Any VMware solutions associated with your environment
  • Any other third party solutions associated with your environment
  • Any databases used with vCenter Server, vSphere Update Manager or any other VMware solutions associated with your environment
  • The database’s current compatibility level (and if it’s supported with V6)

Migrating off of V5.5

The next step is to determine which versions of VMware solutions are compatible with vCenter Server 6.0 and to then follow a specific sequence to upgrade your IT infrastructure properly. This can be a complicated task without extensive vSphere and IT knowledge.


Support for vSphere V5.5 ends on September 19th. Contact Zycom today for more information and/or for assistance migrating off of V5.5.

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