What Is A Cloud Ready Platform?

Cloud-based platforms are an invaluable investment in improving the efficiency, security, and productivity of your organization.

But in order to get the most out of your cloud computing strategy, you need to consider all of the factors related to cloud services before you decide which platform you’ll use.

What You Need In a Cloud Ready Platform

Today’s businesses need cloud computing services that integrate their onsite and offsite data centers while making them easy to manage from any location.

The following are just some of the features to consider when selecting your cloud computing platform:

  • Monitor, audit, and share user actions
  • Secure cloud data
  • Provide cloud storage access extensions through encryption and deduplication
  • Secure mobile data access through access control and automatic locking
  • Control the movement of data in accordance with regulations and data sovereignty laws

Benefits of Cloud Computing

These and other features help organizations consolidate their data while securely moving their applications to the cloud.

But the right platform should also let you move your data away from the cloud when necessary. This is useful in cases when changes in regulations require data to be stored onsite.

The right cloud ready platform lets you scale your organization and grow your data center. Applications can be deployed and tested quickly in response to marketplace or industry changes.

When Do You Need a Cloud Ready Platform?

Today’s businesses need cloud services that synergize with their backup and recovery, on-premises private cloud services, disaster recovery, and offsite compliance needs.

The following is a checklist that helps you determine when you need a cloud ready platform:

  1. You need an optimized backup system without the red tape. Data backups are critical to your business operations. But tapes can be inefficient and labor intensive while lacking the ability to scale according to the demands of your business.If you need a service that backs up your data along with onsite and offsite storage options, then it’s time to find the right cloud ready platform for your needs.
  2. You don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. In the past, it was costly for businesses to protect their virtual workloads against the security threats they faced.But today’s disaster recovery solutions protect you from lasting and costly damages. They allow your business to recover from a disaster and restore your operations quickly.
  3. You need public, private, and hybrid cloud services. Public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions provide the security needed to prevent data threats through firewall management, intrusion prevention and detection, antivirus and antispyware solutions, and vulnerability scanning.

Knowing when you need to transfer your data to a cloud ready platform is the first step in improving the efficiency and security of your organization. But you need to choose the right platform in order to gain all of the benefits it provides.

Understanding the features and benefits that cloud ready platforms offer helps you determine the best choice for your needs.

More importantly, it creates a strategy that streamlines your workflow, reduces overhead costs, and achieves more revenue for your business.

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