What is Autonomous Response and What Does it Mean for My Business

What is Autonomous Response, and What Does it Mean for My Business?

The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019, taking place in London this September, is set to host several future-facing representatives of the latest digital security innovations. Among them is Darktrace, one of the most trusted cyber AI companies in the world and the creator of Antigena, the world’s first autonomous response (AR) technology. It responds to threats in seconds and designed to behave very much like the human immune system, this technology fends off viruses and malicious invaders alike.

However, what do autonomous response and the onset of AI-assisted cybersecurity mean for your business? Let’s explore in further detail.

Under the Hood

Autonomous response technology is used by over 3,000 organizations around the world. It is capable of safeguarding cloud and hardwired networking, IoT, industrial systems, and standard fare such as email and company intranet. Using sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms, it analyzes network data at scale, adapting processes based on billions of probability-based calculations. Autonomous Response is therefore designed to monitor and rectify threats even when you’re out of the office – in fact, it reacts every three seconds to a security risk somewhere in the world. All the work is carried out behind-the-scenes, so the technology won’t interfere with everyday operations, taking appropriate action without disrupting organizational effectiveness.

Use Cases

There are multiple instances where autonomous response can prove to be useful in safeguarding your operations. Let’s highlight some examples as specified by Darktrace themselves:

  • In external attacks on cloud servers, AR observes access attempts and identifies all source addresses. Even systematic attempts can be caught and neutralized before attacks are carried out. 
  • If a device downloads a suspicious executable containing advanced ransomware, AR will detect it and raise an alert. Should behaviour change over even a few seconds, Darktrace works to update alerts accordingly in real-time.
  • Internal data thefts with hidden devices siphoning data can also be detected, leading to the discovery through a physical process of elimination.
  • Self-modifying keylogger malware can be caught by AR by combining data on anomalous behaviours to reach an accurate conclusion, acting appropriately to mitigate the threat. 

Fighting Fire with Fire: Why AR Matters

As the first enterprise-grade form of autonomous response technology, Darktrace Antigena is paving the way forward. Such solutions are critical in fighting cyber-attacks that are executed at machine speed, impossible for humans to keep up with manually. Even detecting such threats is a bigger challenge than ever before. Your team won’t always be in the office, either – vacations, holidays and weekends aren’t always factored into the effectiveness of older digital security solutions. This is where autonomous response makes a tremendous impact – it’s always ready to react within seconds to malicious behaviour and notify you of the risk at hand. 

How Autonomous Response Can Help You

In an age when everything is always online, connected and software-based, protecting your assets, employees, and company growth may seem like a loftier challenge than anticipated. However, autonomous response truly is the cure for what ails you. Here are some situations the technology is specifically designed to address:

  • Addressing internal security flaws and data siphoning
  • Limited budgetary funding for a physical security workforce
  • Ensuring “smart” tech in your organization can’t be used as backdoors 
  • A need for a self-healing IP system that can keep pace with machine-speed hacks
  • Relying on multiple data points
  • Continuous observation and rectification of digital threats
  • Real-time reporting

We’ve only scratched the surface on what this technology is capable of, but in time, autonomous response technology will become the new standard in cybersecurity. To learn more about Darktrace, a Zycom partner, and its many benefits, contact our team today. We’re happy to help address your security concerns with an ideal, future-facing solution.

It’s time to take the fear out of networking.

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