What Is Cyber Intelligence?

Threats to your company’s cyber security exist. However, it can be hard to uncover what those threats are and how to overcome them. By hiring a cyber intelligence firm or taking on this task yourself you can discover, analyze and prevent these threats from becoming harmful to your company.

What is cyber intelligence?

Cyber intelligence is the product of collection, processing, integration, analysis and interpretation of data from any online network or system. Because the online landscape is so vast, hackers and other cyber criminals look for vulnerabilities they can exploit to take down companies, hold an organization’s data hostage for monetary gain and steal valuable information from users like credit card numbers, bank account information and so on. There are cyber intelligence firms that specialize in helping companies protect their online networks and systems from the threat of hackers and criminals.

How is cyber intelligence collected and used?

The process for collecting and using cyber intelligence has various stages.

  1. Planning:

    This stage involves determining what your system or network will need protection against. In this stage, you will look for existing vulnerabilities and possible threats to the system or network. Threats can come in different forms such as phishing emails and malware so it’s important to take a thorough look to ensure you anticipate everything.

  2. Collection:

    In this stage, intelligence is collected via server logs, email transcripts and wherever else data is found or stored. In some cases, employee surveillance may be used to ensure that no one is supplying criminals with sensitive information.

  3. Processing:

    This stage will see that all the data gathered is processed so it can be analysed and interpreted. Also, not all data collected will be relevant which is why the processing stage is so important because usable data will be separated from data that isn’t.

  4. Production:

    Now it’s time to deliver the data in a way that makes sense to your organization. You or the cyber security firm working for you will come up with an action plan that presents the findings from the data collection and processing stages and determine what can be done. Sometimes this is a simple presentation to your team or an intricate document.

  5. Distribution:

    At this point you will make sure that everyone in your organization has been presented with the action plan.

  6. Review:

    Everyone who has the action plan will review it before coming together to talk about implementation.

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