What’s Driving The Move To The Cloud?

By 2018, the Cloud will takeover. Cisco reports that by next year 76% of all data centre traffic is going to come from the Cloud. Moreover, Enterprise Tech claims that 50% of the global population will finally have access to the Internet by 2018. But enough with the stats. There’s more to it than fancy percentages. What is really driving the move to the Cloud?

Money, money, and more money

As with everything in life, money is responsible for making cloud computing more accessible. Prices for cloud storage are becoming more and more competitive, which creates a lower cost for the user. This decline in price by the major cloud providers will make the storage services more accessible to smaller and medium-sized businesses, so everyone gets in on the action. Every business, whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a startup, wants to save money, and with cloud storage prices becoming cheaper and cheaper, it’s easy to do so.

The public will demand the Cloud

With half of the world’s population getting online by 2018, public cloud usage will soar. Everyone texts, takes pictures, and plays games on their phones and tablets, and with the prices of cloud storage coming down, it’ll be more affordable for the average person to take advantage of it. Businesses will take note of how the general public is responding to cloud storage and computing and think, “Gee, I should probably get in on that.” When your grandmother starts using the Cloud to store pictures of her grandchildren and cat memes, you know big businesses will follow suit.

It’s flexible and scalable

When it comes to businesses, there are two words you hear all the time: flexible and scalable. These are major business buzzwords, and you’d be hard pressed to find a TED talk where some experienced CEO doesn’t say these two magic words. The Cloud is both scalable and flexible, which is another factor that’s driving the move. The Cloud gives organizations a chance to scale up or down as needed, and it is flexible enough to grow as a company does. Cloud computing comes with many options like storage, data services, and operating systems that companies can easily adapt to their business model. In addition, the Cloud doesn’t need on-premise housing, which frees up potential office space and makes the job of the IT department a lot easier.

The cloud is taking over. The question is, are you ready for it?

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