What’s New in Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud recently released their latest innovations, offering new features and new ways to create and collaborate. The new features are included in your membership, and if you have yet to explore the new features provided, here is a quick breakdown of the best benefits that follow the latest update.

An Upgraded Experience within the Photography Programs

One of the most significant changes in Adobe Creative Cloud has occurred within Adobe Lightroom CC. This program now has an all-new cloud-based photo platform, allowing for creative solutions to be made from various locations, which also allows for employees to effectively collaborate all on one interface.
Adobe Photoshop has been updated with new performance and masking tasks, allowing for easy importation, generation, and organization of photos, as well as a more effective way to make colour and tone-based selections. The program is also equipped with a new in-app search where you can find tools, menus, assets, help, tutorials, and panels quickly. It also comes with updates to the Curvature Pen tool and performance, allowing you to digitally paint faster, smoother and better.
Both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop also have a new Creative Cloud Photography plan, equipped with powerful editing tools, automatic backups, auto-searched, optimal organization and cloud-based services for efficient collaboration.
Lastly, Adobe Spark received an update that allows for the creation of graphics, video stores and web pages to be done quickly and effectively, with easy implementation of brand elements such as logos and colours.

Easier, Creative Solutions within the Design Programs

Graphic designed benefit drastically from the new Adobe Creative Cloud, with many of the design programs receiving vital updates. Adobe Dimension CC, formerly Project Felix, now has new features that make it easy for graphic designers to create 2D and 3D properties. As a result, what used to be incredibly time-consuming mages, such as product shots and scene visualizations, can now be generated quickly, effectively and significantly simpler
Adobe Illustrator also received various updates, allowing for easier generation and modifications of various components of a vector graphic have never been easier, as you no longer have to adjust anchor points or individual paths in order to make changes to your graphics.
Adobe InDesign CC

Revolutionary Technologies Implemented into the Web UX/UI Programs

From coding to designs; prototypes and cameras, the new updates within the Web UX/UI programs in Adobe Creative Cloud make it easier to design with customers in mind. Adobe XD CC provides an all-in-one solution when building and designing mobile apps and websites, as it now allows you to share interactive user experiences to strengthen the design, prototype, and collaboration of each project.
Adobe Dreamweaver CC has been updated with a more modern look, an enhances workspace for developers and a more intuitive program for coding designers.
The new updates in Adobe Animate CC have integrated a virtual camera and enhanced tools to help create field-of-depth in your animations.

Effortlessly Create and Collaborate with the New Updates within the Videography Programs

The new updates in Adobe Creative Cloud present you with top-of-the-line technologies that coincide with the digital trends of today. With the latest updates in Adobe After Effects CC, you can now implement alluring 360 and virtual reality effects and transitions to generate flawless motion graphics using unique data-driven animations. Premiere Pro can even automatically detect when your VR video is stereoscopic or monosporic, and then, apply the appropriate settings. The updates also come with improved motion graphics templates that can be edited by other team members in Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as faster effects and speedy performance with the faster Adobe Dynamic Link workflow provided in Premiere Pro. You also receive a set of new Lumetri colour pickers, better support for colour space metadata, the ability to streamline video editing and much more.
Adobe Audition CC now comes with powerful and fully customizable workflows, along with auto-features that allow for effortless performance enhancement. One of the most significant improvements to Adobe Audition CC is that music will now automatically lower (auto-ducking) when dialogue and other sounds are detected. However, you also receive the new real-time audio feature which gives you better sounding output and improved precision across all projects. The update also comes with an improvement to multichannel audio, making it easier to mix, edit and produce powerful audio content.
With the latest updates in Adobe Character Animator CC, you receive access to new triggers and control panels to make your animations come to life. Notably, these new controls allow you to organize your character movements all in one location and also allow for easier blending of pose-to-pose and Physics behaviours.
Both Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects have a new live text template that allows you to share live text between the two programs. As a result, the fonts will automatically sync and update across all of your projects.

The updated Adobe Creative Cloud offers a vast array of features and benefits. However, they all seem to have one thing in common and that is increased performance, easier processes for improved productivity and better collaboration between team members and Adobe programs. Regardless, whether you’re working solo or with a group, Adobe Creative Cloud now has all the features you need to work effectively, efficiently and easily.

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