Why Is IT Outsourcing On The Rise?

Instead of staffing an entire IT department, many companies are outsourcing these roles. IT outsourcing is on the rise for many reasons most of which are essential to how businesses adapt to the changing market (e.g., moving everything online). So why is IT outsourcing becoming increasingly popular?

Companies are shifting their spending

Organizations of all sizes are moving their spending toward outsourcing IT services in order to keep up with digital demand. The content management and information structures are all online, which requires an expertise that the traditional employee does not have. Yes, we can all use a computer, but when there’s something wrong with the program we’re using, we can’t fix it ourselves. Companies see this issue and are combatting it with additional IT help offsite.

Companies need their own app

In order to be competitive, you need an app. Clients need to be able to access your services when they’re on the go, and an app provides the perfect platform for that. One of the major ways IT outsourcing is happening today is through application development. Hiring an outside developer to create your company’s app gives you access to an IT professional with experience who can work as needed even after the app is created. You can continue to outsource the app developer beyond the launch period so that bugs and kinks can be worked out and updates made ready. Furthermore, as skilled as your IT department may be, you may not have anyone on staff who is well-versed in app development.

From help desk to disaster recovery

Besides app development, IT outsourcing fills the need for a virtual help desk. Service providers are giving companies desktop support, disaster recovery, and data operations on demand. IT professionals can work remotely while being available to assist your staff as necessary. This gives you an opportunity to save money without disrupting the workflow. Something’s wrong with Brad’s computer? Send a ticket to the virtual help desk and Veronica will remotely access the computer and fix the problem. You only pay Veronica for the work she does and Brad’s workflow is only temporarily disrupted. You may be thinking, “Why doesn’t Brad send a ticket to the in-house IT department instead?” The in-house IT department may be busy but Veronica is on-call to perform tasks like this and will get to Brad’s computer issue right away.

Outsourcing your entire IT department may be only a few years away, but don’t change your current IT department just yet. You still need them for now before the transition.

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