Your Guide to Container Management Software

When it comes to creating, deploying, and scaling software containers, efficient management is a must. By isolating processes based around the same OS into a single deployable unit, you can experience improved operational efficiency, lower costs for platform migrations, and much more. Today, let’s explore what goes into CMS integration and why Zycom has been able to help more businesses across Canada become truly cloud-ready.

Understanding How Containerization Works

Containers are created by bundles that represent system, application and environmental data known as container images. In short, containerization is the process of packing and distributing this data via specialized software to ensure streamlined operations. In that sense, containerization is an essential process for almost all developers. As a streamlined means of packaging applications and deploying them in a standardized manner, it enables support for different varieties of infrastructure. This is also handy for operators who want to get the most out of their system, as containers will run on any host that supports them.

Image Backups Enabled by Default

Due to the widely supported formatting of container framework, keeping backups that are compatible with your setup is easier than ever. This is largely because container images behave like templates that can be used to create other containers, meaning the same image can be used to spawn and run more of them. This is achieved through the integration of application dependencies supported by the container formatting.

High Value for Enterprises: The Nutanix Story

Investing in the right container management software for your needs is an ideal way to maximize growth and cost management potential with relatively low risk. This is largely due to the fact that deploying such technology occurs when it is in in-pilot mode, meaning it is open to testing and continued tweaks.

That said, perhaps it’s a leap that you’re not quite ready to make. If so, consider the recent changes Nutanix has undergone. Their new desire to go deeper with key channel partners on assisting customers with cloud-based work stems from a complete about-face from their traditional way of operating. By focusing on its subscription business as more and more clients flock to cloud technology, they are better positioned in the market. From object storage and micro-segmentation via network products to fliers and storage, their data plane has proven to be a trustworthy and readily available alternative, made possible by leading-edge container management software.

As an Elite Nutanix partner and 5-time Partner of the Year recipient, Zycom has worked very closely with Nutanix in Canada to pioneer this Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. Delivered as a managed hosted or HClaaS variant, it helps businesses shift to private cloud networking for considerably less than public cloud alternatives. The rapid time to market combined with lower risk enables enterprises to handle everything from design and sizing and ops automation to complete platform migrations with ease – meaning being cloud-ready doesn’t have to involve high costs or resource allocation.

Other Benefits

Container management software enables for simplified administration of hosting environments – even those that are inundated with traffic. This is achieved through operations automation, as the naked eye could never possibly keep up with rapid-fire changes. This gives a CMS a considerable advantage over VMs – the software can effectively think and react proactively on its own. Once again, the way data is packed into containers enables for lighter applications, increased interoperability, and more.

Want to learn more about whether CMS is the right choice for you? Reach out to our team at Zycom today if you’d like to discuss further. We’re excited to help you open the doors to a wealth of new, cloud-based potential through sheer automation and process refinement.

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