Zycom Awarded 2019 Darktrace Canadian Partner of the Year Honours & Platinum Partner Status

At Zycom, we pride ourselves on delivering state-of-the-art professional IT services to businesses in need. To achieve the results that we’re renowned for, we constantly maintain a myriad of focuses on security, future-proofing, performance optimization, and more. The hard work of our dedicated team of technicians has resulted in Zycom being awarded the 2019 Darktrace Canadian Partner of the Year honour. In addition, we’re excited to announce that we have achieved Platinum Partner status.

This is a big moment not only for our expert team, but also for every client who turns to and trusts in us. Many thanks to all who made this tremendous milestone possible – we’re sure that this is just the beginning!

A Major Milestone

The honours were presented to Tim Allen, President of Zycom and Terry Buchanan, VP of Technology, and General Manager by Darktrace representatives Gary Szukalsk, Chief Channel Management Officer and Chris Patton, Sales Director for Canada and the Eastern US. This served as the culmination of an excellent team-building event in Toronto; several Zycom and Darktrace Sales Representatives were in attendance. 

Our Commitment to Transformative IT

We’re dedicated to constant innovation, particularly when it comes to network security. Working closely with Darktrace and continuing to implement their Security AI solutions enables us to disrupt the market and focus more on not only the end-user but also the collective safety of all on their shared network. Taking the fear out of networking remains one of our core focuses, represented in proactive maintenance and system updates to ensure optimal stability, firewall protection, and more.

Now, as a Darktrace Platinum Partner, Zycom is poised to take that innovation further. As new cyber threats emerge and digitization is increasingly zeroed in on by creators of such threats, we need to be more vigilant and prepared than ever. We’re fully committed to working with Darktrace on the continued implementation of their adaptive, security-focused AI – technology that is lightyears ahead of traditional preventative standards of yesteryear in terms of effectiveness against modern threats. 

Platinum Perks

One significant benefit to our clients is that Zycom employees can now utilize free Darktrace technical training, enabling us to develop even deeper insights into their sophisticated AI solutions. This represents an even more finetuned manner of integration with our established and trusted professional IT services. Think of Darktrace as having a dedicated security worker who never sleeps and constantly monitors your network and systems for suspicious activity. The self-learning AI watches over your cloud-based networking, SaaS, IoT setups and industrial systems with ease and full awareness of how your specific processes operate. This equates to greatly improved protection against ransomware, stealth hacks and even internal threats.

The key to remaining proactive about IT security is being dedicated to shaking things up. Zycom is proud to do just that, working closely with Darktrace to market their innovative AI solutions. We couldn’t be prouder as a relatively young company to have such a large client base who can count on us. 

Congratulations to all who have been part of the disruption movement on our team including those positioning and raising awareness of the benefits Darktrace AI can provide. With free technical training and more innovations always in the works, we’re confident that our team has the know-how and expertise needed to maintain a safe, high-performing, and cost-efficient IT infrastructure for your business. For more details, reach out to us at Zycom today. We look forward to working with you on future-proofing your operations with the latest innovations! 

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